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Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend!
After hive finds the moon we all should happy and I know like me many people here had some transaction!

For me, it was easy to sell a few hive although I didn't touch the moon, it is okay since the price is not bad at all and there is no limitation of expectation.

After selling hive I had a great issue about "How to withdraw the money!" I was looking at all the options (possibly) but I could not able to come to a solution ( I am pretty excited to withdraw some cash as it is the first time for me).

Finally, after a couple of days of excitement, I have found the solution to withdraw the money to your mobile banking wallet in Bangladesh. If you follow the procedure it would be the same for all the nations.

The easy process you required to do just as follows:

At first you need to, Open your Binance account/log into it
Then just Find "Fiat and Spot" by clicking on "Wallet" tab on the top!


If you have the USDT already in your wallet, you could go for the Transfer from the Fiat into the P2P platform (if you don't have the USDT please convert your hive to USDT)

The process well described below:
Below screenshot taken during my transection earlier today!

001.jpgFiat to P2P



After successful transaction you'd find the confirmation pop up note on the right screen.

It means, you are ready to sell your USDT from the P2P platform.


Here, Find the USDT you've just transfer to the P2P and click on sell on the right of the row and it would take you to the Buy/Sell USDT page.

Now we would select Sell as we wanted this! Then required to find the available suitable option for you in terms of price and payment method. Here I choose Mobile banking service in Bangladesh (Nagad, Bkash, Rocket)



Please do not hesitate to click the sell order as you will receive the money first then you'd confirm the payment by clicking on Release!

I hope you'd find this post useful!

You are most welcome to ask any questions 😊, I would help you out as per my little experience of 7/8 transection.

Happy Earnings 😊!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed my post!
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