Are free crypto faucets worth it?

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I got introduced to the world of crypto through free faucets. While searching for some ways to make some extra money online I stumbled across a couple of websites that would pay some random amount of satoshis just for a few clicks. The payout was minimal but it was such a low-effort task that I decided to just keep doing it every now and then, after all, it is free money.

What I came to realize over time is that it doesn't matter the dollar value is irrelevant, at the time I was claiming around 70 satoshis per hour. Nowadays the same exact faucet pays only 10 satoshis per hour.
I'm not using faucets as my main source of income so I just kept going at it and let the dollar value snowball as BTC kept going higher and higher.

My first faucet

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I signed up in late 2018 so I've been claiming free BTC for four years now. I wasn't very consistent either I just kept the website bookmarked on my phone and visited whenever I had some time to kill.
I also tried to get some referrals but most of them would quit just after a couple of days so I didn't invest that much time into that. I just kept rolling and not selling my bitcoin. The website also offers a 4.08% interest rate for whoever holds over 30K satoshis there so I kept part of my free earnings there generating some yield.

I decided to take a look at my stats and I concluded that over the past 4 years I earned 0.02510577 Bitcoin, that's around $500 at today's price. $125 a year isn't much but considering how easy it is I would say it was worth it.
Not to mention that BTC could be worth a lot more in the future, turning those $500 into $2500 if BTC finally reaches the $100K milestone.

Biggest mistake

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Gambling some of my free winnings was the worst mistake I ever made. The website offers a couple of different ways to gamble your BTC, I decided to give high or low a chance and ended up losing 0.0057800 BTC over the first few months.
I swore to never gamble on Higher or lower ever again and just kept growing from there. It was a painful loss, but surely over time, I covered my loss with free claims and interests on my BTC.

Tips for beginners

  • Research the website before wasting any of your time claiming, there are a ton of scams out there, be careful. I always did my due diligence before joining and I never got scammed out of my time or money. Some faucets ask you to deposit crypto to unlock bonuses, unlock withdrawals or skip captchas. I did deposit crypto into some of them and it always worked out but I ALWAYS do my research before doing so. Plus I deposited low amounts that I was willing to part ways with.

  • Optimize as much as possible. There are a ton of promotions and bonuses, it can be a Christmas or weekend bonus, or a free bet here and there. Be on the lookout! Some of them offer different cryptos or reward points that can be used to claim crypto, make sure to study the most optimal way to "play".

  • Look at the big picture, as I told you it takes a long time for your profits to build up but it will be a pleasant surprise down the road. Don't give up, keep coming back and you will see results.

  • This one is a little bit harder to accomplish but if you have experience in getting referrals you should absolutely do it. "Free" crypto is a pretty simple concept to sell just make sure you're promoting legitimate websites! Don't scam people out of their time by promoting something you don't trust or use it yourself.

Most faucet websites are casinos that have a built-in faucet in order to attract customers. I understand that faucets are just a marketing cost to incentivize people to come back every day and promote it to others in order to get some kickbacks, if you struggle with gambling I wouldn't recommend joining any of these websites.

My top 3 faucets referral links

  • - The one I mentioned earlier in the post and the longest-running faucet as far as I know.
  • Betfury - You might need a VPN in other to access the website, the free boxes aren't as profitable as they were but I still use it. Mainly because I accumulated their native token over the years and it now yields me a pretty decent daily payout. It usually has great promos around holidays.
  • Trustdice - One claim every 6 hours and a daily sign-in bonus. It requires a deposit before you can withdraw your free gains (At least it used to back then). It worked for me but I see how this can be a red flag for most.

These are the only three faucets I kept coming back to over the years as some of them close or just straight up stop paying. I can make in-depth guides on how to maximize gains on each of them if you're interested leave me a comment.

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I dont think that it worths anymore...

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It's crazy because people made fun of me and that thing was paying out like 250 satoshi per claim lol now it's about 9 or 10 so staking it and now earning compounding on it has added up to a decent amount.

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Damn 250 per claim was great! I wish I started sooner, the first bitcoin faucet paid over 1 BTC per claim, just imagine...
One day you won't even be able to claim one full satoshi per claim, mark my words!

132 at the moment because of the rewards redeem so not too shabby. $0.26 per day at the moment from a quick faucet claim and if prices go back to all time highs you're looking at a little over $1 plus the compounding nature of it a little higher. It's nothing earth shattering but keep doing it for years and it's a nice chunk of change. Same thing with BAT I used the heck out of that when it first came out and you used to get like 50-100 bat daily for using the browser now I make about 7 lol

A guide to maximizing gains sound great, I do have & can't get Betfury as I'm in the US, unless they've changed that rule, but I never heard of Trustdice.

I used to have many faucet til they started closing down & I didn't have enough to cash out. I really miss Coinpot thought, but at least they gave notice and I was able to transfer all my earnings to my coinbase before they shut down.


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Thank you for the tips and the 3 sites where we can get free crypto if we want to. But I would personally make that two as the required deposit for the number three is a red flag for me. 😊


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I joined quite late and I was also a bit cocky about the multiply BTC as well. I used to get interest but I don't now and I have to build it back up slowly. Have you gotten over 100k reward points yet? I plan on redeeming them for satoshis but I am only at like 28k reward points.

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I got to 100K RP multiple times already, nowadays I just redeem 100K whenever I reach 200K just to be sure I'm always able to withdraw them if I ever need them since I keep it over 100K at all times.

I can relate to that gambling losses, but I am confident that I can turn that around before the year is over.
Don't forget to mention the daily ticket for a free spin at their Wheel of Fortune.

Hope you do! I get 7 spins per day because I also bought some FUN tokens back in the day 😄

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thanks for the article