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I've been playing splinterlands for a long time now and there are a lot of little improvements that can have a significant impact on how much you can earn playing this game!

Prioritize winning - If playing according to your focus will seriously hurt your odds of winning a match you should just ignore the focus and go for the win. You will win fewer rewards points but any amount is better than 0. It will also help you climb the ranks and earn more RPs per win so it is beneficial in more ways than one.

Overplay your best daily focus - If you have a daily focus that favors you a lot more than the others you should play as much as possible during that focus. While never letting your capture rate drop below 50%. I usually aim to get at least 11 chests during my best daily focus.

Capture rate - Be mindful of your capture rate at all times! Never let it go up to 100% and never play when it gets below 50%. I usually play until I'm around 70% just in case I don't get a chance to play during the following 24 hours. The capture rate regenerates 25% every 24 hours. When I get a good daily focus I grind it all the way to 50%.

Claim your SPS - Don't forget to claim your SPS every day, to maximize the return you should do it right after opening the daily focus chests.

Hope these simple tips help you grind as much SPS as you possibly can! I can't remember the last time my capture rate got to 100%, I plan my gaming time ahead to be sure I'm being super efficient. When I get caught off guard and can't sit down for an extensive grind, I just play a couple of matches on my phone.


⚔️ The rules:

  • Minimum Reputation of 50
  • Only one comment per person
  • Upvote / Follow or Re-post is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.
  • You just have to comment. If you use a different username on Splinterlands please mention the account where you want to receive the cards.

The winner will be picked by a randomizer and will be announced in next week's giveaway post.

⚔️ Cards for this week:

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Cards will rotate splinter every week, Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Life -> Death -> Dragon -> Neutral. This week if you win you will receive one Lava Launcher.

⚔️ Last week's winner:

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I'm currently using this tool to randomly pick one comment to win the giveaway.

@yeckingo1 was the lucky winner from last week's giveaway! I will send your reward right away!

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Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to all the participants.

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Hello, please count me in for another gaveaway again if thats alright @hoosie - lots of thanks !!!

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Thanks for the tips about SPS and the giveaway!

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Good tips on SPS it seems like a lot of cool things are shaping up into the SPS token so I'm hoping by next year we start to see it ticking up slowly in price and becoming more and more valuable.

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