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Splinterlands introduced a new energy system recently and I think it was a major improvement to the game. The old energy system was a mess and quite difficult for new players to understand how to use it efficiently, the higher your percentage the higher rewards you could earn but you would also be spending more energy per battle. In order to spend as much energy in fewer battles as possible you would have to play one or two battles, wait for it to recharge, and come back after one hour.
You could also just grind it all the way down to 50% but that will take you a while because the first battle would spend 1% of your energy but when you get closer to 50% you would only spend a little over 0.5% per battle, almost double the battles to spend the same amount of energy. On top of that, you would also earn half the rewards...

In my opinion, the new system has a lot of advantages over the old one:

  • Easier to understand, it helps with recruiting and maintaining new players interested in the game.

  • Easier to plan your gaming time, now that every battle is worth the same both in terms of energy and rewards you can play your 50th battle knowing that you're not wasting your time battling for half the rewards.

  • Both players pay 1 energy per battle instead of having a player spending 1% energy while the other one is spending half that amount. This way the sum of energy spent is always 2, while in the old system, two players could spend 1.5% and if the player paying the 1% wins he would earn 100% of the rewards while the sum of energy spent would be under 2%.

  • Burning DEC in exchange for energy is a great mechanism to get it back to the peg and start burning some SPS whenever it starts going over the peg.

I decided to restart playing Splinterlands again a couple of weeks ago and I must say I'm quite happy about the new energy system. It makes things so much easier, I can easily keep my energy close to zero so that I don't waste any rewards if I stay away for two days. I usually take Sundays off so I just grind all my games on Saturday and return Monday morning.

What do you think about the new system?
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