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RE: CubFinance Gets A Huge Update!

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Give it a little time and you'll be sent for getting hive converted to bhive at a 0.25% fee (a small little fee for how much power it provides)

I thought the fee would be 0.5% just like Polycub after the 2nd PIP. It might be a good idea to make CUBDeFi governance vote to change that, especially considering BSC transactions are way more expensive than Polygon.
So much exciting things happening around the Hive Ecosystem at once! We will go up like a rocket once the winter ends.

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That's a very good point about the higher fees and putting that to vote. What I do love about it all is we are seeing progressive moves that benefit the entire ecosystem. While one wont be the tell all solution it's steps like these that add up to massive possibilities in the long run.