Vexpolycub should compound on the 15th of every month

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I get too technical on some of my posts about polycub but it is impossible to fully explain the situation without including some more technical terms, I will try to make it as easy as possible to understand.

The Vexpolycub vault gives you the option to lock up your Xpolycub tokens for the next 626 days in exchange for a 20% APY paid out in XPolycub at the end of the term.
The Vexpolycub vault was launched 104 days ago on July 15th, in order to pay investors the xpolycub the contract is supposed to deposit 0.0167 XPOLY for every VEXPOLYCUB in the vault every 30 days.

The current issue is that the last deposit happened 71 days ago txn hash. This means that depositing Xpolycub 70 days ago or today will yield you the exact same return. By now the XPC/VEXPC ratio should be 1.0501 meaning that every VEXPOLY is worth 1.0501 XPOLY instead of the 1.0167 ratio we're currently sitting at.

Why would any investor lock up their tokens today when they can do it two months from now and obtain EXACTLY the same return?
I just bought one vexpolycub for 1.01671818 XPolycub instead of the 1.0501 Xpolycub price that it should be at right now...

For those who understand a little bit more about smart contracts, you can see for yourselves. Here's the Vexpolycub smart contract, the transactions with the method as "enter" are regular people depositing XPolycub and getting Vexpolycub in return. The one with the method "Transfer" is the team putting extra XPolycub into the vault without the creation of new Vexpolycub. Making each Vexpolycub worth more XPolycub hence raising the xPC/vexPC Ratio.

The Fix

I'm tagging @khaleelkazi and @leofinance so that they see my proposal and consider implementing this system going forward.

It's quite simple, first of all, the team should transfer the 3,860.785 missing Xpolycub into the Vexpolycub vault making the ratio 1.0501 as it should be by now.

Second, there should be a set day every month for the ratio to grow, creating more incentives for people to deposit Xpoly into the Vexpolycub vault every single month before said day.
Since the vault started on the 15th that should be the day it compounds going forward. That way investors are incentivized to visit polycub on the 14th and deposit some of their Xpoly to receive the payout happening the following day.


I would love to hear feedback from the Leo community about what I'm proposing here. I believe this would be in the best interest of everyone investing in vexpolycub for the long run.

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I would love to hear feedback from the Leo community about what I'm proposing here.

I fully support this proposal.
More and more we see how LEO dev team trying to run faster than they can breathe.
Many small things are unfinished (or many times postponed), they compaund, and with time going on - makes the whole picture look worse and worse.
If nobody can to dare out public, with the criticism - does not means nobody see these glitches

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