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RE: Are You Excited About Hive Yet?

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You know what i think the most underrated chain is? It's bitcoin cash. Here's the problem what i've learned about crypto is you got many projects that either are trying to protect end users or they are trying to go against what they deem to be competition.

So i'm wondering if hive will be ready for alot of pushback it's going to get in the future. Like if you take someone like Vitalik. We've seen how he acts with other projects whether it be cardano or matic and what vitalik and other users would say is that Hive is a security problem. That's what he'd likely say. So they'd try to turn the tides that way.

I think that hive can win out with efficiency and use to a degree if this is debated. However, Vitalik will win the security issue argument i believe. So i guess what i'm trying to say is in the end will the end user lean more to the idea of a useful platform? or a more efficient platform?

Will security be more important to them? or will they be wiling to forego some of that. I guess it's not a problem if you're dealing with a $100 million or a billion. However if you dealing with several hundred billion or something that may be different. I don't know. i think it's all interesting. However i could see that perhaps becoming the brick wall for the chain. So is the hive structure going to be a decentralization issue. it will probably will be according to Vitalik. So i think that all has to be considered as well.

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