Splinternoob Day 11: Repeat Focus

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With the new reward system, I have started a new Splinterlands journey with an alt account starting from scratch to see how far it can progress.

Day 11

Less than 3 more days to end of Season. For today, I will also touch on lesser on the repeated details like the 1 first win match can get how many chests etc, as the past few days had already shown that it is quite fixed.

Start off

Day 11 started off with the following stat:
End of Season Chest= 105
Rating = 2684
Focus = Death (Not again!)
Since today is the death focus, I had a bad feeling that my rating will drop today.

End of Part 1 for day 11

For Part 1 of Day 11, I played a total of 13 matches and I performed poorly as expected. I won only 4 matches, had a draw match and lost 8 matches. As a result, my rating drop to 2601 and my daily chest only have 18 despite playing more matches in part 1. My EOS also increased to 106 which is a surprise cause I only won 4 matches.

Quick Battle Analysis 1

One of the big common issue that I face when I am playing death is that during poison matches, there is no death monster with cleanse ability in CL edition. So that means I can disperse the poison. What is even more irritating is that, CL edition has no death monster that is able to self heal or tank heal. So the only CL edition self heal that is usable for death team is xenith monk. So you can see that for poison match, it is quite easy for me to lose if the opponent has some immune skill or healing skils, just to outlast me.

Quick Battle Analysis 2

There is one new reward card for death that I love a lot. As you can see from the above picture, it is the skull guy. With only 5 mana, it can have 7 shield. So in this match, i use the skull with only 1 hp like a taunt skill to attract all the opportunity monster to attack him while his shield can help to absorb quite a few number of hits. While the rest of my members will go and pick off the weak one.

Part 2 of Day 11

I played a total of another 13 matches and this time round, I am able to win 7 and lost 6. My rating has recovered a bit to 2618. My daily chest is at 23 bronze chest while my EOS chest increased to 107.

As you can see, with just a tank heal, robo dragon can easily outlast all my monster.
Another example is this where red has the cleanse skill on tusk, scavenger cube, healing beast, and immunity forgotten one. All these are prepared just for the poison so once again, this is a complete walk over.


23 bronze chest: 3 common, 2 rare, 1 legendary and 9 alchemy potion, 45 DEC, a total value of $0.72.
This can considered to be quite a good drop as the value is usually $0.60+ or lower.

Day 11 Progress

Day 11StartEnd
EOS Chest105107
Daily Chest023

As usual, nowaday the EOS just increased by 2 per day.
The rating is somehow hovering around 2.5k to 2.6k+.
Daily chest is around 22-25chests, quite predicable too.

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Thanks for great update.

Happy to record this journey for a noob account with the new reward system.

Thank you my friend. !PIZZA

I actually took 1 day to lose 10+ matches and drop from 2500+ to 2100+. Wasn't intended - I just didn't feel like paying DEC to rent the elite cards. From then onwards, the last 2 to 3 days were so manageable and I was able to clock in all the wins and streaks. Weird but turned out good.

I think people are also exploring. Some people may go and rent the powerful cards to have high win rate but realise the rewards cant cover the rental. So most likely there will be a lot of adjustment phrases. All the best!!

Good game narrative, thanks for sharing,

Glad that you like it!!

That's a nice handful of chests you are going to get there. About twice what I am looking at. I have a feeling I am going to get a bunch of junk from the season rewards this time.

It is ok. It is the law of average. You just need to preserver until the good luck come and it will be worth it.

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