Weekly Splinterlands Battle: Analyzing Chao Legion 1 Mana

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Beside the 0 mana legendary fiend for each splinters, Chao Legion also introduce 1mana monster for each splinters(except dragon) too. Today, we are going to have a look at these 1mana monster and their respective skills. I will share with you my personal understanding of them based as a diamond user. I will also tell you which one is my most favourite 1mana monster.

1 Mana Fire

Radiated Socrcher has one of the fastest speed out of the 5. It has shatter skill.

1 Mana Water

Hardy Stonefish has 2 shield with no skill.

1 Mana Leaf

Mycelic Morphoid has torn skill.

1 Mana Life

Gargoya Scrapper has void.

1 Mana Death

Carrion Shade has flying. It also have the fastest speed as well, tied with Radiated Scorcher.

1 Mana Neutral

Chaos Agent has no attack but it has dodge, phrase and backfire. It also tied with the other 2 of having the fastest speed of 4.


My personal ranking for these 6 1mana monsters.
1st: Chaos Agent
It has 3 skills and it has the phrase which means it can even dodge magic. The dodge skill also improve its evasion rate which means he get to stay in the battlefield longer. It does not have any attack which is actually can be a plus cause it is not at the risk of being torn damage.
2nd: Mycelic Morphoid
This may come as a surprised for some of you. My reason is partly due to the torn skill. Another reason is it sync very well with Chao Legion queen mycelic. Just imagine for matches like sneak rule, you can place a 1mana Morphoid at the back. With Queen mycelic, it can gives protection to morphoid, so it can tank 1 hit without dying. But with queen mycelic amplify, Morphoid is able to deal 3 torn damage to the sneak monster and still not yet dead. So one possible situation is silvershield assassin do a double strike sneak attack, morphoid is able to take both hits, and with the queen amplify, it can remove the shield on assassin and deal 3 damage to her hp. With another 3mana sneak attack on the assassin, she could be died with just 1 more hit. Also there are cases whereby the sneak monster cant kill morphoid one shot, that means queen mycelic's triage spell can even work on it and it can even more tank more hits!
3rd: Hardy Stonefish
With 2 shield, it is naturally able to tank at least 2 hit.
4th: Carrion Shade
It is definitely very useful for earthquake matches.
5th: Gargoya Scrapper
To be honest, I totally have no use case for it unless I have one slot left with 1 remaining mana and there was no one else to choose. The key reason is that at diamond level, the magic monsters you met at max level is not going to be 1 or 2 magic attack. So it wont really tank well with its void skill and limited hp. Even if there is a slot with 1mana left, I would still choose ooze over Gargoya.

Match Review of my favourite Chao Agent

Battle Url: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_7c99880eaf7834eedf9bf25dbd2b8908&ref=namelessnameless

So it is a low mana opportunity match. And my opponent has one of the powerful summoners for low mana: Lorna. I choose Chao Agent as tank, hopefully can last as long as possible. I also try to include as many speed buff or debuff as possible to make Chao Agent has a higher dodge rate. I also choose vulture cause of its scavenger skill for only 3 mana, hopefully it can has high hp to out last opponent. I choose Biljka for its camo s it can last and deal 3 magic attack each round and weaken skills to make opponent easier to kill.

It was not a great start for me cause Unicorn manage to activate its trample skill to take down 2 of my monster. And dont forget that each of their monster all has divine shield so they totally tank our attack while they continue to slaughter us.
The first comeback is when the chick miss on Chao Agent and the backfire remove the divine shield so this open up for the biljka to kill it.
The 2nd comeback is when ooze miss on Chao Agent again and the backfire + my fiend attack manage to kill Ooze.
This is how the start of round 2 looks like. To be honest, with Lorna summoner, usually it wont be like this with so little monster as they can tank very well in the 1st round. Yet, thanks to Chao Agent, it is able to make the impossible possible. Dont forget, with just 1mana, Agent Chao is able to do backfire twice all within just 1st round.

Unicorn took down my fiend while my Chao Agent this time round did not able to evade the 2attack from my vulture and biljka is able to remove the divine shield and take down bard.

This is how the start of round 3 looks like. To be honest, even with just 1 unicorn standing, I am actually think that we are heavily at a disadvantage. One reason is that vulture and biljka can only deal 6 damage in total and Unicorn's speed is just nice in between the 2 of them. That means, my vulture will attack and Unicorn can heal back its hp with hardly any damage before my biljka deal the next 3 damage. On the other hand, with 5 melee damage and quite good speed, it can easily kill Chao Agent and even trample to one shot kill biljka and damage vulture.

And once again, Chao Agent perform the miracle dodge and deal 2 damage to unicorn and to follow up, Biljka deal the 3 magic damage to bring its hp down to 3.

This is how it looks like at the start of round 4. And because vulture has the fastest speed, it is able to move first and kill it before unicorn can heal.


Definitely goes to Chao Agent for turning the table. Without it, the opponent will have full strength while mine will be half or even less by the end of round 1.


Actually, I should not have placed Biljka in the 2nd position. Since I want to deal 3 damage as many as possible, I should place him further so he wont expose himself so fast.

I really hope that you enjoy reading this blog of my analysis of Chao Legion 1 Mana..

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