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Just three months ago the DEC price was hovering around its price target of $1 per thousand tokens. Today, I think everyone can see that since then the price has changed beyond recognition and Dark Energy Crystals have already reached a price of $14 per thousand pieces. Is the DEC price too high then and is this all some kind of crypto bubble?

DEC price in the last 3 months

Splinterlands today and Splinterlands a year ago are two completely different worlds, so to speak from a time perspective. Once a theoretically hermetic and very small community of people using Hive since the beginning or a long time. Today one of the most popular blockchain play-2-earn games with daily registrations exceeding several thousand accounts. So how to judge if the price of DEC is at absurd levels or if this is its future after all?

It is very hard for me to answer this question, especially how big is the still ongoing boom for this game. It seems like these price spikes are caused by excessive demand but if you look at the great charts and @dalz posts regarding DEC inflation you can still see that so much DEC is being created now that this inflationary mechanism should be working. And yet DEC is at a price 14x higher than old players remembered it. Perhaps DEC at the price we remember it (and recall it) will not return. However, the game is on a completely different level than it once was in terms of popularity and, most importantly, capabilities. These new mechanics, the SPS token, Brawl, new card editions may have caused Splinterlands to have already jumped another barrier and this price of DEC may stay with us for longer.

If we were divining from the cards we might suggest that this price is about to come down. This was the case in July when the price rose very quickly to a level of around $9-10/1000 units and there was a sharp correction. Now we are in an uptrend since the end of September and with quite strong but stable increases. So I cannot tell you what will happen with the price tomorrow or next week, because I am neither an investment advisor nor a fortune teller. So please remember that the final decision is yours. Just in case you need reminding, this is not an investment advice but my subjective approach to the subject.

From the perspective of a player who has been in Splinterlands for 3 years now, I admire these price jumps but I fear the long-term effects. Will the players who see the charts think that the game is too expensive to invest in and maybe it is just starting to spread its wings and the growths will continue for a while. Unfortunately, we will not know the answer to this question before the fact, we will have to wait a while. I leave you with my rather cautious opinion on the DEC price, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this. I will be happy to talk to you about the DEC price in the comments.

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the thing is that one can still get 200-500%+(?) in APR form the SPS airdrop depending on its future value. So it doesn't make sense to not buy it; although it is definitely in a bubble, so I am glad I bought most of it some months ago :D But maybe I'll buy some more ... runs to hive engine

@tipu curate

Hah, I am also very curious about its future prices. Best wishes in your purchases :)

Sure DEC at 14x its soft peg sounds expensive on the surface, but the ROI on offer from the SPS airdrop changes the game.

When you add in the fact you can then stake the daily SPS you get for holding DEC AND some extra pennies for staking DEC on DeFi platforms, it's still a no brainer.

Even at these prices.

We'll have to wait and see what happens to the DEC price once the SPS airdrop ends though.

Will the Splinterlands team come up with a new use-case for DEC that will ensure demand remains?

Or will price return to its soft peg as expected?

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Right, the opportunity to earn SPS for example with DEC continues to pay off even at these token prices. I think that in the future there will be more mechanics allowing to use DEC in other ways and its price may fall a little when SPS airdrop starts to slowly end.