Earn passive HIVE with Splinterlands and dCity

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Being in the Hive ecosystem we are able to participate in many different projects and communities. Very often they are associated with profitable results, most often in the form of tokens. Such a token is most often HIVE, the native token of the Hive blockchain. And today I'm going to show you how you can quite easily combine pleasure with utility and earn passive extra HIVE tokens by playing @splinterlands and @dcitygame.

Two things that definitely connect these two projects is that they are both games and we can earn money thanks to them. Admittedly, the mechanisms of gaining tokens or NFT is different but in the end we get some amount of money in our wallet.

Mechanism of operation

So how can we build ourselves a passive source of income through both of these games? First of all we will focus on the long term, I will not tell you or even try to tell you that the next day you will have unknown profits because I do not intend to lie to you, I want to show you an interesting way how you can in the long term gain additional tokens while using both of these platforms, which in my opinion are very promising and it is worth getting to know how they work and how you can maximize profits from them if we look at them from an investment point of view.

Step One: Splinterlands

You probably all know that the fastest way to earn money in Splinterlands is to play ranked matches and earn DEC for winning battles. You've also probably heard a few times (either in the news or maybe through my posts) about the current DEC price, which is significantly higher than the soft peg that was set up a few years ago. So current market conditions mean that we are able to win quite a bit of money per match in DEC to dollar terms.


I'm in Silver II right now at the start of the season and usually per game (depending on Capture Rate and gold cards and whatnot) I get between 30 and 50 DEC per win. Of course in Gold or Champion league this reward is much higher. And now let's assume how many ranking games we play every day, 10, 20, maybe more? Assuming that the reward for a match is about 35 DEC with an average of 25 games a day we will receive 875 DEC on our account. Quite a nice sum right. Now this DEC will serve as the foundation of our future passive earnings.

Step Two: BeeSwap and token swapping

More than once on my blog I have mentioned BeeSwap, a super tool that makes using Hive Engine easy and effective. Thanks to BeeSwap we can swap our HIVE tokens for SWAP.HIVE and vice versa at a very low commission and exchange a lot of tokens present on Hive Engine. And this is the function we are going to use. Let's first send our DEC tokens to our Hive Engine account.


Now go to the BeeSwap page to the Convert tab and select DEC swap to SWAP.HIVE, make the swap.


We've changed our DECs to SWAP.HIVE, now it's time to swap them to a SIM token, the native @dcitygame token.


We managed to get 16696 SIMs by swapping 875 DECs, at today's exchange rate for just one DEC we can get 19 SIMs. Once we have SIMs in our account let's move on to the final third step.

Step Three: SIM Power and dCity Passive Income

As you have read my previous posts about #dCity you surely know what a SIM token is and what the SIM Power mechanism is. For those who don't know yet, SIM Power is the number of SIMs we have stored as an average of the last 30 days. So if you have 10 000 SIMs in your account for a whole month, your SIM Power will be 10 000. If on the second day of playing with SIMs we buy 100 000 tokens, our SIM Power will only increase, because the average will not rise so quickly. OK, what about utilizing the SIM Power? Well, with SIM Power we are able to receive daily HIVE transfers from @dcitygame for holding SIM tokens on our account. The amount of HIVE transfers depends on our SIM Power share towards the community. The higher the share, the more HIVE we will receive.

To start getting HIVE we need to have a minimum of 8000 SIM Power. As you well know, today's game in @splinterlands ensured us we got that minimum threshold. Now all we have to do is wait for the 30 day average and we are eligible to receive HIVE rewards.


This is in my opinion a very interesting combination of both games running in the Hive ecosystem because we are able to take advantage of the opportunities they offer. As I mentioned, the beginning may seem difficult but as we increase the amount of SIM Power and therefore HIVE rewards we can continue to reinvest tokens in SIM increasing our potential income daily. I personally use this technique and if you think it will work for you then you can try it too. But remember, the final decision is yours, it's your money!

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Thank you and until the next time, Nervi.

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beeswap is an amazing dapp, more people should know about it!

Definitely, especially as more useful features are to be added!

Thank you very much for your vote :)

dCity will likely remain under the radar as long as Splinterlands retains its hype.

But there'll come a time where money will look for a new home and dCity is an excellent Hive based DeFi option for it to go.

Don't sleep on dCity :)

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How much DEC do I need to start earning by playing in Splintersland? Thanks!

Hmm quite a tricky question because now to start earning it's enough to buy a $10 Spellbook. This entitles you to rewards for daily quests and season rewards depending on which league you finish in. However, to start earning DECs for winning ranked matches you must already have some cards to get into Bronze II league requirements because from that league on you can earn DECs for winning matches. Cost wise it's hard to say one to one because prices change all the time but I think a few dozen dollars would be nice to have cards with enough power to qualify for Bronze II. I hope I cleared up your doubts, if you have any questions ask or enter the official Splinterlands discord.

Thank you. I will take a look on how to get a spell book and some cards.