HBD as an inflation hedging investment

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The current global financial situation is certainly not the best and the recent mood of the stock markets and the situation of some companies do not inspire optimism. Additionally, growing inflation in some countries makes people who have never been interested in investing start looking for ways to protect their money against loss of value.

HBD may turn out to be a future-proof investment if we want to keep our money more valuable than it is today. I am not approaching the subject of HBD as an investment typically for cryptocurrencies or the specific fate of this token, but as an investment of a kind of deposit, just like in a bank. The difference is that nowadays no bank will offer us 10% return on our capital within a year. HBD as a truly decentralized stablecoin is able to generate us really good returns in the form of such a deposit.

Assuming that the situation of conversion of HBD to HIVE and vice versa and the strange jumps in prices of individual assets will stabilize, we are operating a really strong tool that will protect us from the inevitable inflation in the long run. Investing 10 thousand dollars in HBD at the rate of return of 10% per year, inflation levels of 3 or even 5% are not a threat to us because we already secure the strength of our money with a high interest rate on the profit from holding HBD on our own portfolio.


I am slowly adding the contributions I receive from my posts to this Savings account on Hive. Most likely if I don't find additional funds to add to the Savings account then I will continue to grow my deposit with the proceeds for participating in the Hive network. And certainly more people will find use for HBD when its peg is at a very high efficiency in the long run.

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