Last days to buy XCHAOS - have you got your share yet?

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In just a few moments another season of Splinterlands will end, often smaller SL players try their luck with season rewards to get something unique and have a good card or sell it for DEC. And you know what's also ending soon?

The official sale of the XCHAOS token entitling you to receive Chaos Legion packs during the general sale and DEC distribution as passive income for the next few months! December 20 is the last day where you can purchase your XCHAOS tokens, for which you will receive your Splinterlands packs. Why is this project worth considering?

First of all, smaller players who don't intend to buy dozens or hundreds of packs through the official Splinterlands shop in order to be guaranteed to receive airdrop cards can purchase XCHAOS tokens, which will guarantee them to receive the value of a given airdrop in the form of daily DEC transfers to their account. This is a solution worth considering because if you buy several packs through Splinterlands you are not guaranteed to receive cards because you don't even reach the minimum guarantee threshold for one card. By purchasing and holding XCHAOS in your wallet for those many months you are entitled to receive the proportional value of those cards even if you only have one token purchased!

If, after all these posts explaining and discussions on discord you are still not sure how this mechanism works and will work then read this article from the creators of the project: XCHAOS - Explainer for Where We Are Now.

Remember that by buying a larger number of tokens you are entitled to buy them at a much lower price. If you buy more than 1500 tokens, the nominal price drops from $6 to only $4.5 per XCHAOS unit.

I have 2023 XCHAOS tokens in my account. I will get 2023 Chaos Legion packs for them, of course, plus (what I call dividend) rewards in the form of DEC for the next few months. More, I get DEC all the time and not even the general sale has started yet.

Interested? It is worth it in my opinion, what you do is your business of course, your money your decision!

If you want to get a better idea of the whole project, take a look at my last post about XCHAOS: XCHAOS - A comprehensive compendium of what you should know about it

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Thank you and until the next time, Nervi.

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At this moment you are already receiving dividends for having XCHAOS tokens? that's great, I will definitely participate in this project.

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5 days! Tick-tock!

Dear @nervi,

Your support for our previous proposal has been much appreciated but it expired end of December!
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We wish you a Happy New Year!