NFT could repeat Bitcoin's success

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Bitcoin today is the most recognised cryptocurrency in the world. When something happens in the cryptocurrency markets the media almost always cites the price of Bitcoin instead of looking at the overall market and talking sense about it, but about that another time. NFT could soon become the second Bitcoin that people talk about out loud.


The Google search popularity graph for the phrase NFT clearly shows that the real interest in NFT started in early 2021 and the highest search popularity was at the end of August. People started to be terribly interested in NFT, educate themselves about this technology, and most importantly for this market - invest in NFT. But what does it mean to invest in NFT, buy every token related to NFT, collect @splinterlands cards or simply look for interesting and noteworthy projects based on NFT. Here is the whole problem because it is hard to determine what a person who has just learned the definition of NFT will set his mind on and what step he will take next. Will he/she invest in the NFT sector by buying things from Axie Infinity and WAX or will he/she start educating himself/herself further in this area and only make the right decisions.

Bitcoin used to be little understood too. Some decentralized payments, mining assets, strange wallet names - today the basic processes that happen in Bitcoin can be understood by a 10-year-old child. Now the NFT sector and the people associated with it cannot make the mistake that Bitcoin struggled with during the first months of its existence. Awareness of what it really is. It is very important here to educate people that NFT is not just such an individual token but a whole technology that makes some piece of art on your wallet one hundred percent yours.

That's why I think if the whole NFT industry grows all the time and makes their users more and more aware of what the technology is and how it works then NFT could easily be a second success like Bitcoin.

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