Powered up 10k LEO for LPUD for the first time

in LeoFinancelast year

So I finally took the plunge and decided to power up 10k LEO for LPUD. The bonus delegation offer was too good to pass on. Although I’ve been on Hive for more than five years and have seen the growth of the Leo Finance ecosystem from the beginning, I never actively joined the community, the main hesitation being, I don’t actively post much content these days.

But with my recent power up, I hope to actively engage with the community here, and share my learnings as a full-time crypto investor.

Topics I'm investigating recently

  • AI
  • Multichain Layer0
  • Glamping
  • Crypto/blockchain + new real-life use cases

I will be sharing some of my findings here if time permits. So give me a follow if you're interested in any of these topics.


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Those topics seem interesting, I follow you and good power up!

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Congratulations to you. Indeed the 10k delegation was too good to pass on. I think it means you'll now have to curate and post more. Congratulations again

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Thanks. Haha indeed.

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I had to look this up on the Google, because I did not know what it is. Luxury camping. Interesting to know that there is a separate word for this kind of activity.

Congratulations for the 10 000 LEO power up.

Thanks mate. Yeah, I only came across the world of glamping recently. Apparently, it’s an emerging trend and becoming quite popular.

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Great job. It seems more are participating each month.

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Curious about the update on the community you formed, Christian Fellowship. I have been searching for such a community here on Hive. Is the community still active?

Hi there, sorry about the late reply. Just saw your message now. The community is still there, but I haven’t been active on Hive, so I don’t have time to monitor the community.

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No problem. Thanks for the response.



Maybe you should find a reliable user that can be the administrator of the community and be able to monitor it appropriately


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