CUB Buying opportunity

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Some may be disappointed with CUB, its now at around $1.80, with some buying in at prices up to $4. The graph from coinmarketcap shows the story.


High yield coins

In general high yield coins show very large depreciation at the start, as the yields 100% + are increasing supply at a fast rate. This is a great time to accumulate coins, because the yields are still high in CUIB terms, that means if you place CUB in a den, its still increasing the balance with respect to CUB at 100%+ per year.

The real question is, will it flop to nil.. or launch like UNI or CAKE did.

Why CUB may have value

So many of you will be aware of the LEO bridge, which moves coins from ERC20 to BEP20. This is a great services which is desperately needed. The only equivalent service available is binance bridge, but it has a centralisation feel to it. If the LEO bridge can gain wider support than just the LEO and Hive community we could see great adoption. What this means is the Fee that is collected (0.25% of the transfer) is used to buy CUB and then burn them.

LEObridge Value

So if CUB is being burnt, and bought by the fees, if LEO bridge is a service that is used by the broader crypto community you could be faced with a situation where more CUB is burnt than is generated through the inflation (1 CUB per block), if this happens, the CUB price has to increase so that less CUB is burned for each transaction, this may not be exactly 1 for 1, but it will work overtime. 10% of the CUB supply has been burnt already, so its not implausible for more CUB to be burned than generated at some stage.

How can we improve CUB Value

Well, get the word out that LEObridge is an excellent way to convert ERC20 tokens to BEP20, and also if you believe like I do that there will be value in this service, and it can get mass appeal, buy some CUB, your buying efforts increase the price (but that's not advice). So what are you waiting for, get the word out that the LEObridge is here.

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