My Favourite Crypto Coin WAX

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WAX is by far my favourite coin (except maybe for LEO and Hive of course!).. but why??

Ease of Use

WAX is so easy to use, you can just connect with your google or facebook account, this makes onboarding a breeze. you can see below all the options to link in to other social media platforms.

Earning Capacity

Some of the wax games are very rewarding, like koloboks and alienworlds, you can earn a few bucks a day just by playing these games.

You can also speculate on a whole range of collectible cards, and for those that have a bit of extra knowledge might be able to predict which cards will appreciate.

the best thing about wax is you can stake your unused cards, and earn some crypto coin on rplanet just by staking them, which is a great innovation, so not only can you speculate on the cards, but also earn some income whilst you are at it.


WAX is great for collectibles, there are so many options to chose from, and you can even start your own collection. I like the blockchain heroes collection, but some may like nostalgia with garbage pail kids cards, which are also collectibles in the "real world".

The interface at atomic hub is also easy to use, here is a snapshot below


Games Games Games

The most popular blockchain game alien worlds is on WAX, but also a lesser heard of game is called "hodl god" is on wax too. this game is truly of the quality of mainstream games, like counterstrike. It think this is the next revolution in gaming, high quality games, where crypto complements the game rather than being its focus. For more information go to

The screenshot below shows how good the graphics are.

There is so much potential for games on this network I can't wait to see what is next.

Technical strength

So from a technical perspective, WAX doesn't have Gas fees, its using a staking method, much like EOS, and to a lesser extent HIVE. It processes thousands of transactions a day, and new collectibles are propping up on wax everyday. This blockchain has the ability to host resource hungry games, a massive userbase and much more.

Concluding thoughts

I think WAX is a coin with a lot of use cases, and a future, might even help with mass adoption of crypto, if its as easy as signing up with your google account, and getting access to a wealth of content, and great earning capacity too.

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nice write-up dear. I have been following the WAX price for some time now. Where can I buy WAX cheap and easily. cheers

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You can get WAX on most exchanges, like binance or Kucoin. From a decentralized exchange perspective, that's a bit more challenging, you can use to move between EOS and WAX =, as they are based off the same code (EOSIO), yu will need to find your own way of getting EOS (coinbase for example supports EOS). used to list it, but they delisted it in March this year.

Dang, you took mine. Guess I miss out on this one!

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well I am sure you have good points to add to why WAX is great so doesn't hurt having more voices!

I'll just wait and see. Kind of lost my motivation now.

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I love the WAX block too (as well as LEO / HIVE!). It appeals to all my geekiness.

I love playing Alien Worlds - and working out whether to stake (and get more CPU, etc) or whether to save and buy better cards.

I love Atomic Hub - so easy to use. I'm in the middle of creating an NFT collection - I'll post more when it's done.

Alcor Exchange is easy for newbies, but also for traders.

Wax Bloks provides a bit more techy knowledge and learning about the blockchain and how it works. A nice visual GUI, and I like how you can use "setbag" and other commands for Alien Worlds in Wax Bloks.

So for me it has a lot of facets that are fun to mess around with.

I'm glad it's easy for newbies to sign up, but I would always be cautious about having too much crypto in an account that is linked to social media as I don't think it's secure. Sure, it fine for small amounts - but then keep your larger amounts safe in a bespoke wallet.

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