Dogecoin up 171% on

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I was looking around to see what Dogecoin was doing on some of the smaller Exchanges ...

I see it’s up 171 % on .... and that is crazy ! Or is it ?

You can trade some old Crypto like LTC, Dash, Eth to BTC and buy Dogecoin there if it ever dips again...


Dogecoin Chart:


Dogecoin is up 34% on Binance.



I think Elon Musk wants Dogecoin to moon ....

He’s Retweeting his old Dogecoin Tweets again... and again ...


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Very True. Will be $1,000 some day. Soon.

Doge is reaching heights and it was never expected. There is no use case of Doge and just because of Hype its getting more attention from the community. I still feel that its shit coin. Do you expect it to reach 1$ soon?

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Lots of people earning Dogecoin from watching movies.


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Ugh, such a joke. I wish it were something with an actual use case versus Doge. My plan is to never buy any Doge. We will see how that goes...

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Yeah.. I made over 100,000 Dogecoin from watching movies. ... there is that use case. But I sold most at a penny. Easy come easy go.

Oh wow! That stinks. Next time!

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