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Good day house, thanks for the welcome I got recently in my introductory post here( Well,maybe I didn't do something right to at least get welcome notes,that may tell me a bit more about the current happenings here and just make me feel the warmth of this large community. I remain grateful for the welcome I got and seek to plough on.


Scorum. You probably have never heard that name. It's root name is "score them". It is a blockchain for writers at least, it began with only sports writing about 4 years back, but now has evolved into a general writing forum much like Hive, plus several other use cases like the gaming aspect and so on.



Furthermore Scorum has agreed a partnership with a certain senior brother we know as Hive(
So please permit me to talk a little about our kid sister(Scorum).


I crave your indulgence that I do this, which may not be new information perhaps for most of you in @LeoFinance who I think are financial experts. Liquidity refers to the efficiency of converting an asset, or security, into ready cash without affecting its market price. If you guess that it is cash that is being termed as "liquid", you are correct. Cash is the most "liquid" of all assets. Low liquidity therefore means that low efficiency of conversion,so assets become difficult to trade with.


It is a common experience in Scorum to be faced with low liquidity. It can be very frustrating for Scorumites and non-scorumites as well. However, this post intends to give you the fuller picture of things and hopefully you should see some light at the end of the tunnel.


The reason for Scorum's low liquidity and higher volatility is because they have more in common with Bitcoin than almost any other cryptocurrency, especially graphene based cryptos. They could easily increase the liquidity if they make their coin supply ten times more, add inflation, and bring their circulating supply closer to other similar blockchain projects.

These above changes could also help the development team by allowing them to hold more coins out for themselves like many of the hyped projects that everyone knows and loves so well. But the Scorum team has taken a totally different route, a less selfish route in a day and time selfish developers abound.

Scorum is designed so that true investors have an opportunity to receive incredible gains as Scorum receives adoption.


If u take an objective look at the way Scorum economy is designed to operate, I believe that any knowledgeable blockchain enthusiast would see that Scorum has the potential to be more profitable than even Bitcoin itself! I'm not exaggerating, Scorum can do anything that can be done on Ethereum, but with free transactions, plus, it has a total supply close to the total supply of Bitcoin, and unlike Ethereum but more like Bitcoin there is no inflation.

Also Scorum is cheap and energy efficient to operate because it makes use of the DPOS blockchain model. Scorum quite literally have no peers, this is the most unique economic model in all of blockchain and there is almost no application that can not be built to take advantage of their benefits.

As adoption begins to happen and the value of 1 SCR(the coin name) rises to a level to where most trades happen in fractions of an SCR, then you will have tons of liquidity. Let me add that at present Hotbit is more friendly to Scorum, liquidity-wise.

Credit to Mr Pete of the USA,a senior member of Scorum for his unique insights.


Hey we can be upbeat about the future of Scorum vis-a-vis Hive's partnership with this our dear kid sister.



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