(Ice and Flame)Leo Finance intro animation

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On my last animation for Leo Finance which I made a 5 days ago and got great response and encouragement from Leo finance community ,I promised to make another one so here it is.
Due to recent events - freezing of assets, burning of assets - transferring from 64 account to one account and then to exchange it is obvious why I named this video (Ice and Flame)
Hope you like it

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Last week animation;


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Gif version;

Another nice video, wish it was a little longer like 15-20 secs because it was so good.

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Thank you.
Next one will be:)


This is another really great animation. Love seeing these and it's got a fun relevance that you added with the freezing of assets. Hope to see more 🦁

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Thank you, glad you like it. More are coming for sure :)