Innovation: The basis of success

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When we see so much technology and so many important developments in the field of science, we must ask ourselves what the world would be like today if innovation did not exist.

I think if that were the case, the world would be a very gloomy and boring place.


Innovation in the technological field

Every thing that exists in World that was created by the humans, that is, every advance or technological development that the human being has implemented since he began to use his intellect to develop improvements in his environment and in his life, is the result of innovation.

Since the discovery of fire, man has learned to function using his intellect, and thanks to that, he has been developing more and more innovations. The wheel, the light bulb, the carts, the steamboats, the railways, the plane, the automobiles, the computer, the Internet, and so many other things, have been some of the infinite innovations that the human being developed throughout of the years.

Innovation ensures human beings a more comfortable, safer, more and easier and more practical life in every way.

Innovation in the technological field opened the doors to progress in the economic part

The progress that the technological evolution of the world has meant in the most recent 100 years: Computers, Internet, Smartphones, digital cameras, 3D laser printers, 5G technology, and electric cars, among many other advances, has meant great progress for humanity in so many ways, that it is impossible to list them in a small article like this.


The fact is that the technological revolution that continues to take place today still, since 2009 thanks to the creation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and this has meant a before and after in the creation of wealth models in the world.

Also, thanks to crypto, the world now knows of an alternative means of payment, which far outperforms fiat money in almost every way, but especially when it comes to security.

Thanks to the innovation that cryptos have brought about, the common citizen of the world knows that he can obtain financial wealth if he puts his mind to it, and that, my reader friends, is extremely valuable.

The truth is that I am not a clairvoyant, or a fortune teller, or anything like that, but it is not necessary to be to realize that the innovation represented by cryptos will continue to grow every time in the coming years. That to me is a fact.

I think that we should feel privileged to live in an era of so many technological advances, and especially, to live in the era of cryptocurrencies (and for having been able to witness and understanding the rise of Bitcoin); because we are truly experiencing historic moments for the world which will be etched in the history books forever.

Therefore, we need to remain vigilant, because today more than ever (and more and more in the future), innovation is the basis of success.

And what do you think about the topic discussed?

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