What if conversions are used to increase the DHF?

in LeoFinancelast year

I am just brainstorming here.


Currently, the conversions from HBD to Hive and vice versa only yield a direct benefit to the market actors who engage in such operations. Of course, there is an indirect benefit to the network by virtue of increasing or decreasing the supply of both Hive and HBD in circulation whenever necessary but, it occurred to me that we could do better.

What if instead of burning the Hive or HBD that is converted it is instead sent to the DHF?

One downside is that the virtual supply would increase but that can be adjusted so that the balance on the DHF is not considered part of it.

The extra funds could be used to invest in ventures that help the network grow,

I have been thinking a lot about ways to leverage the potential of the DHF. One thought that I have had for some time is that it could be used to fund businesses in the "real world" that pay a benefit to the DHF, but that has some logistical and possible legal implications.

Are there any downsides to this proposal?


I would LOVE to hear some of the devs chime in on this.

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