Despite the dip, Bitcoin has outperformed the biggest assets in the world over the last decade

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Keep hearing funny comments made by so many people especially crypto critics that Bitcoin has no real value. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no doubt but my question to them is this, how can something that they said has no real value until date outperform the assets that are termed to have value, which means their ideology behind their theory of what has value or what might not have value may be having huge faults because they are wrong, because, despite the dip after Bitcoin hit a new all-time high at $69k and also judging using a decade time frame, Bitcoin dominated everything outperforming all of the biggest assets in the world and trust me it is not done setting and breaking records.

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Bitcoin has been Impressive since it was created and launched in 2009, it has proven that it is the best performing asset in the world and a great store of value, it has also outperformed the biggest assets in the world over the last decade, Bitcoin and Crypto have come to stay and to make the lives of its investors better on the long run, some people might not agree with me because of the current state of the market.

For those doubting Bitcoin due to the bear market, know this, the crypto market is in a bear market now quite alright but that doesn't mean it is going to be in a bear market forever or remain at these low prices forever, definitely, the bear market will be over someday and the bull market will come again, when that happens the price of Bitcoin will recover, we could hit a new all-time high hopefully depending on how strong the bull pushes the price, if you were scared and did not take advantage of these cheap Bitcoin prices for months now, don't call someone else who took advantage of it lucky during the bull market, because you had the same opportunity and didn't make use of it, hopefully, you might not regret it but I doubt that though.

Proof Bitcoin dominated the last decade

For example: If you had the money back then and you invested $10k into these assets Gold, S&P, and Bitcoin 10 years ago, right now you would have made $97 on your Gold $10k investment (Gold: $10,097), as for S&P you would have 3.5X your initial $10k investment (S&P 500: $35k) and for Bitcoin, it outperformed both of them, it 2288x your money which is $22,880,000.


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