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If you've been investing in crypto for some time now, you've probably heard the word DYOR a couple times. DYOR or "do your own research" is simply taking some time to make your own findings on a project before making investment decisions and not just taking advice from some schmuck on social media and you don't know if its a legitimate financial advice or just a shill. DYOR can also help you stay away from scams or sketchy apps that can harm you.

DYOR can come in many ways combined. You can DYOR by checking on the latest news, read the charts, check on the projects website and social channels, and what the community says about it.

Luckily there are lots of tools or apps available to make your DYOR time a bit easier. Some are paid, some are free but did you know that there are tools that give you bonuses for using their app? Some can be points where you can swap for other stuff & some can be in crypto or fiat.

Below is a list of some apps that give you bonuses just for using them (in alphabetical order).

  1. BeerMoneyForum
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    BeerMoneyForum or BMF is a money earning forum where users post anything about earning money online. In return users get BFM points for their interaction in the site. User's also get random BMF points for logging in. Earned BMF points can be redeemed to crypto or cash at the BFMShop with minimum of $2.00
    BeerMoneyForum is available through web browser.

  2. CoinGecko
    Coingecko is one of the popular apps that track live cryptocurrency and NFT related data and portfolio tracker. User's get rewarded with candies by simply logging in everyday. Candies can be redeemed for discounts, NFT's or digital books.
    Coingecko is available through web, IOS & Android.

  3. CoinMarketCap
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    Another popular app for tracking live cryptocurrency data, CoinMarketCap rewards you with Diamonds for logging in everyday. The diamonds can be redeemed for various items like NFT's, discount vouchers and more. Other ways that you can earn from CoinMarketCap is through their airdrop campaigns and learn & earn campaigns.
    CoinMarketCap is available through web, IOS & Android.

  4. DappRadar
    Is an app for tracking data on all DApp's (decentralized applications) & NFT platforms across multiple blockchains. DappRadar hosts weekly airdrops where 100 users get a chance to win $5 equivalent to the hosted airdrop. All you need to do after signing up is click the join button every week and hope you be one of the winners for that week.
    DappRadar is available through web browser.

  5. LunarCrush
    The LunarCrush platform helps investors by analyzing crypto related data across different social platforms, evaluates them through their machine learning algorithms and broadcast the findings in the app. User's get to earn their utility token LUNR by logging in everyday and simply using the app and sharing your opinions. You earn points for every action you do and time spent (capped), points accumulated within a day will be converted to LUNR daily. Weekly LUNR bonuses is also given based on user level and amount of LUNR hodl'd.
    LunarCrush is available through web, IOS & Android.

  6. PlayToEarn
    The PlayToEarn platform provides data for all blockchain games from all popular blockchain networks. Users earn P2E (in-app points) by logging in daily. For now, you cannot redeem your earned P2E for anything, it's still best to start accumulating now as the redeemable stuff in the future might be worth it. Plus if you are in to looking for new potential blockchain games this is an awesome platform for you. PlayToEarn also hosts occasional airdrops.
    PlayToEarn is available through web, IOS & Android.

Doing your own research can take a lot of time but can save you from making wrong decisions in investing. But what's better than earning while DYOR right? I hope this blog has helped you and thank you for reading. Have a nice day. Peace out!

If there's a DYOR app that you gives you bonuses that's not listed here please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

If your looking for more tools to help you, check here: DYOR Tools

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