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RE: People Still Do Not See How Cryptocurrency Is The Answer

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I'm often frustrated by my friends, family, and neighbors. I live in an extremely red state. Most of my neighbors agree that the government is terrible, the Fed needs ended, and Wall Street is corrupt. I bring up Bitcoin, and they immediately claim it's a scam. "Only gold and silver are money." I try to tell them gold and silver are great, but that Bitcoin is also great, but they think it's a plot by the globalists to take their money.


Unfortunately the news paints crypto in bad light. Instead I think it's better to promote how crypto can earn you a bit and change their point of view. Think of it this way, it might be a little inconvenient but using Presearch and Brave browser will net you a few extra dollars a month. Eventually when they are use to it, you can invite them to blog on HIVE and earn money.

Tell them that even banks like JP Morgan is thinking of creating a crypto stable coin because 1) it is resistant to being hacked, 2) Give more interest for adding liquidity than a normal bank account and 3) faster transaction time.

Thinking out of the box is a good thing to do to slowly push them towards acceptance to crypto.

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Many felt the same way about the Internet a couple decades back too. Now, all those people the OP is referring to is online with their phones, laptops, and televisions.

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I try that tactic sometimes. These are mostly NOT computer savvy people so using any browser that isn't installed on the machine already is a stretch for them.

Ah that's unfortunate. There's not much we can do if they are not tech savvy. It would be too hard to describe.

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Ask them what value will pieces of metal have in a world that is digital/virtual in nature?

Of course they might not be clued into that.

Ironic how many people talk about the only thing having value is physical in nature yet they do that on the Internet.

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Well, these folks are expecting an EMP attack by North Korea or China any day now and think that a Mad Max scenario is imminent. "What good is your digital currency when there ain't no electricity college boy?"