Cryptocurrency and Value - Peer Coaching Session

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Expert Track in Blockchain, Web3 and Digital Assets
Presentation on Cryptocurrency and Value - Section 3

This is the recording from the Peer coaching session. In this session peer broke into rooms to discuss and then report on the groups feelings on the following two discussion points

  1. the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and price can be a distraction. Looking at things from the view of both a trader and then an investor, how do you handle your emotions and ensure you don't make reactive mistakes?

  2. how important is it for a token to have a strong community? What examples have you seen and how has this impacted the project?

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Awesome work and that sounds like a very educational event.

Thank you very much for educating all of us.

It's actually really important.

I'm really loving hosting these peer coaching sessions. I think I am getting as much out of them as the students.

I definitely believe it and I think that you are helping too grow the world as well as all the amazing people around you.

Awesome job and congratulations