Metaverse Madness ( with POAP to collect)

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Metaverse Madness - Section 4 NFT's and the Metaverse

This is the recording from the Metaverse madness session. In this session we took some time to explore a unique metaverse, which has been minted as an NFT. Yes, thats right, you can mint a metaverse as an NFT, its not just about JPEGs.

The metaverse we visited was created by Eoin. If you want, you can visit it your self with this link

There is a POAP available to collect in this metaverse, however this will only be avaialble for a short time, so if you want it, you better visit the metaverse soon.

Most people at this session have not visited a metaverse until tonight, so hearing their experience was really interesting. Most were also running zoom at the same time and this caused problems

I would love you to visit this metaverse too and share your experience below

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