Cryptocurrency Onramps- what are they and how are they used?

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Expert Track in Blockchain, Web3 and Digital Assets
Presentation on Cryptocurrency and Value - Section 3

This presentation goes along with the self study material for section 3

In this presentation we will cover the following topics
Onramps- Its easy to buy crypto these days, and even apps have the ability to use onramp services reducing the development needs. Paula will present a few onramps and will also show how one top gaming Dapp uses onramps to make the process easy for users.
Buying crypto on an exchange, David will demonstrate the basics of placing an order on Binance
Finally, Paula will present a framework from reviewing blockchain projects. this framework is based on the learning from section 1 to section 3. A copy of the framework can be downloaded from your course materia.

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Using a blended learning approach, this Web3, Blockchain and Digital Asset Expert track has weekly live classes, live coaching sessions, weekly self study material and activities.

This expert track is suitable for leaner's of all levels and is of particular interest to:

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Its easy to buy crypto these days

But depending on what and where you buy, the selling can be hard. For example certain tokens on the Hive Engine. There are no buy orders, but a lot of sell orders.

Yes these low caps can be extremely hard to sell.

Wow, I really like the video . It enlighting me more about the things I don't know concerning crypto

Im gald you found it to be of value, thanks