Market will not respect you

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The financial market looks simple in most advertisements: Buy when is going up, sell when it is coming down. However, the financial market is way beyond that.

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Whenever it comes to the financial market I am very plain. There is no need to be nice be ruthless about your goal and be very much discipline. Below are my favorite words:

  • The market will not respect you, you have to respect yourself
  • The market does not care about you, you have to care about yourself
  • The market does not think for about you, you have to think for you
  • The market was here before you and will be after you.
  • If you are not disciplined the market will discipline you.

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What does this have for new traders, be careful, be patient, get enough knowledge, do research above all be discipline. Nothing is certain nor will be certain. Everything is probability.

Note: Only trade on what you can lose: A word is enough for a wise

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