Slow-burn Yielding

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Over time one side will always dominate the other. The one side may yield only to retake what they fear they have lost, the other will yield and accept subjugation.

Basically all relationships today.

Yield Farming

Like abusive relationships, I will not pretend to know how it works under the hood. I do know that it is more akin to a psychologically damaging one than flat out take a beating.

Mostly. I am yet to be rug pulled.

It is nice to get money in return for not using your money. This is obviously what makes Yield Farming so attractive. I just can't help but think there has to be a top. Something has to give. Even the most compromising person on earth will eventually snap and cut your throat.

Probably will be someone's granny.

Personally, I don't mind putting money into a thing and leaving it there and being pleasantly surprised that it now has made babies. It stems from people so it is obvious it should breed.

Unlike human [redacted], money has some limits on how much more it can become within reason. So with the hyperbole out of the way some thoughts on my slow-burn "investments".

Firstly I have no clue why I got JULD because I do remember their website is a piece of shit and I could not use it at all.

I guess I got from Pancake Swap so that I can try out Beefy Finance which is a nice little aggregator although I am not a fan of these things taking my LP tokens out of my wallet. Probably just a mental thing.

I think that JULD pool is a good example of what to expect. The timeline which they conveniently do not mention - About 3 weeks.

The single pool assets will obviously have lower APY and I do not like how they show APY because everyone still adds liquidity to these things based on a daily expectation. Some interfaces will at least give you the daily breakdown.

Cashing In

As I wrote the above I kinda got pissed off with these silly farms. So I went to remove all my liquidity from Rune through to Pancake Swap.

I Checked Beefy Finance and chose the highest daily yield and moved it all there.

Now I am thinking if I am going to have a slow-burn anyway then maybe it can fuel others. The only way I see to make any gains to eventually go longterm is by taking advantage of the high risk and high value returns.

I am thinking about testing things for a week or days until even. Make some ching and if need cashout or reduce. Obviously hoping I don't get fucked in that period which should be about 10 Days with the highest yield option available.

So I will be going from playing it cozy for $6 over 2 weeks to $6 a day. I don't think I am figuring anything out that people did not already know. I am just finally understanding what others already knew.

Risk it for the biscuit.

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This dude too, @rubido. Penderis isn't funny at all, not even a little. Interesting, my autocorrect had Lender instead of Penderis—true story.

Penderis, Rubido. Rubido..

I guess Lender is a step up from Pleb ;)

Followed, upvoted, Thingy majiggered all around and on my way to becoming a BST Whale, thanks for the heads up @dandays

LOL ya you plaas jaapie, boer maar lekker! Those are some tasty returns you got going

Maybe they will become tasty I don't think I have the patience for sitting and waiting just to move up 5% in value , maybe if they gave me a mini game ontop of leaving my funds there so this new one Ramen I will get 5% a day back but obviously will get dumped on from the get-go so here is hoping the juice is worth the squeeze lol. Anders fok ek na die dorp toe en word 'n alcoholic.

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LOL does that mean you start playing crypto brew master and buying beer and wine token so you live on the digital dop stelsel?

Here have a beertjie for your troubles


Hey @penderis, here is a little bit of BEER from @chekohler for you. Enjoy it!

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Is that shit works ? Sorry , i needed to try it somewhere

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to


The downvote stands. I do know Joseph though so sent him some funds.

Also, I noticed I am following that downvote at only 50%, thank you for reminding me I will make it 100% now. We can bicker like old ladies with wet panties over a few cents.