I wonder why that is...


You leached enough here. You only come back when it's clear Steem is no longer habitable.

Pennsif's actions have been quite obvious by trending on Steem daily with "news posts" of a dead platform. It's embarrassing really how some are only driven by money and disregard everything else even if it's as obvious as the Hive fork. I'm not one to hold grudges but for every person who stuck with Steem and "provided them with some sort of value" in exchange for upvotes there's tons of other people who have yet to find out about Hive I'd rather give chances to disappoint me than just welcome anyone back.

For LOLz

You can see where he's in between delegation bot recharges!

Oh no, people who wanted to maximize on several accounts are now not earning as much as they could've compared to those who had some integrity, poor lad.

we welcome you to The Farting Community, we are looking for Developers and Advisors as well Fartent Creators

There are many people in our community like myself will always welcome you back

Yeah what he said. There will be some that have a harder time at forgiving so you would just have to be ok with it? You could just decline votes anyway for a bit if you are worried about reward pool money.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mahatma Gandhi

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And we should be ready to forgive those that are having a hard time being forgiving. It's hard and people are just protective of something they care about alot.

Anyway I'd be happy to see him around again. Doesn't mean everything goes back to exactly the way it was before... people change situations change... and its just different

I'd like to see you back, but supporting the corrupted St--m won't win your friends. It's still a fresh wound for some. Think of those whose funds were taken. My accounts was censored for speaking out. So much for freedom. I just see a few accounts milking it. Sad, but true.

Anyway, hope you are well.

Lol, supports someone who attacked the network. Then, wonders why people who were affected don't like your presence here.

Who's gonna forgive you? The dissonant bunch with nostalgic issues they need to sort out?

Is that another sort of double standard we offer here on Hive? That you are being "forgiven" for speaking better English or tugged a few heartstrings from the past?

Dude, there are consequences to every action. Yours have been etched on the chain. Your "Pennsif" persona is dead. Try again with another account and hope people don't figure out it's you.

I think you should give it another try over here on HIVE !

Looked through your posts and only saw one downvoted much at all. Maybe your comments get downvoted by a couple people I guess... but yeah if you came back you probably would face a lot of it for a bit so it's up to you but eventually people would forgive you for stabbing steem/Hive in the back. I know I would ... we all make mistakes. I'd love to see you back.

Are you surprised by these actions?