Signed Up For Wrapping / Wrapped Bitcoin Capabilities On Hive!

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Thanks to VSC we now have the ability to "wrap" bitcoin on the hive blockchain!


To learn how and moar please check out Receiving and Moving Bitcoin on Hive with Zero Fees by @ifarmgirl

Visit VSC bitcoin wrapping.

Click on the Hive Keychain button to sign-in / register. Currently you need to be registered to receive wrapped bitcoin. Then if an account is registered then you'll know they may look for wrapped bitcoin gifts!

Win and move some BTC on hive for #cttpodcast #threadcast #ctt
This is the official #threadcast for CTT Podcast Episode 95

This was started, presented, and tested earlier today during the CTT podcast through the threadcast. May go there to see and learn moar.

Many greatly looking forward to technology like this that may prove oar useful to the greater crypto world out there and possibly sum bitcoin users too! Great job by the building team for this.

Go test it out and send me sum if you want! (half) kidding. :) Sign up and try it out sum time though if you're interested. Think this will prove useful and valuable to many of us.

Feels good man!



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