What Pornhub's capitulation to credit card companies says about cryptocurrency in late-2020

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Pornhub just removed around 80% of its hosted content in order to get back into the good graces of the established payment channels of the world. For a content delivery platform, deleting 4/5ths of its product from view is a drastic move.


On December 4th, The New York Times published a piece by Nicholas Kristof with very serious claims of PornHub profiting from illegal content including child exploitation. He waded a little further into murky anti-porn moral territory (misogyny is not illegal) but that's another discussion. Clearly there is a problem with the illegal stuff. Based on what he found, Kristof called upon Pornhub's payment processors to cease doing business with them, and less than a week later they did.


Pornhub clearly needed to work harder at removing illegal content, because even making a penny from serving ads on something like that is unacceptable. It's hard to blame those making decisions for Visa and Mastercard for accepting the call to demonetize them.

Clearly the owners of Pornhub are feeling it. And other porn platforms similar to them are surely taking note (and I would guess doubling their moderating teams). However there are more people impacted by the removal of PH's revenue stream than just its stakeholders. Samantha Cole writing for Vice makes the case that credit processors pulling out of porn puts sex workers in danger.

Crypto alternatives?

Pornhub has dabbled in cryptocurrencies for several years now. Up until recently these have been low-adoption or scam tokens. Perhaps with some insight into what was coming, they got a little more mainstream and added Bitcoin and Litecoin payments in September. Seemingly in response to the present situation, they have just added support for Monero too.

It's good to see another company that has become a household name, porn-related as it may be, take cryptocurrency this seriously. However, is it enough?

No alternative, yet

Pornhub's removal of most of their own content in order to appease their credit gods is akin to a religious sacrifice. The dollar is their Lord, and there is none beside it. Despite opening the door to cryptocurrencies, even some of the most popular ones, they still have to give in to extreme self-destruction to have a chance at being able to deal in the Almighty Dollar again.

Alluring, isn't it?
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State of crypto in 2020

Over 10 years since Bitcoin's launch, there is still much ground to gain towards cryptocurrency adoption and commercial use beyond speculation. Pornhub's current situation is almost a dream for pushing adoption and use of alternatives to fiat money, but their religious fealty to the dollar makes it clear: Crypto is still far from where it needs to be for generating real revenue.

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One issue I have with this is it maintains the stereotype that cryptocurrency is for shady stuff regular finance won't touch.
That is true for some cryptocurrencies, especially a few years ago. However, the majority of cryptocurrencies are just an evolutionary step better than existing finance.
In anycase, I'm glad pornhub deleted most of their videos. Asides from the extreme content or nonconsensual stuff (I hope we can all agree needed to go), there was actually a lot of copyright infringement, and not just from porn, lol.

Crypto is still far from where it needs to be for generating real revenue

At the end how do you spend the money ? It would still be fiats 90 % of the time, isn't it ? That is where the regulators have advantage - they can always frame rules and trap and do whatever they want to. The real solution is when government adopts crypt - then only it will become main stream.

Pornhub has been exposed for those types of content for years maybe and they didn't care at all... until now. If you ask me pornhub shouldn't even exist or any other pornography site, it's too vicious for mental and sexual health of teenagers and also grownups.

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You can think whatever about porn, but for a chain like Hive to get a big player like Pornhub would make all the difference. Will be interesting to follow how this will play out for them

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Might the @dporn folks ever expand beyond their tiny niche?

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Hi, @preparedwombat this story was on our radar for sure. We are doing a few things around it.

  1. We are currently building a off-chain marketplace for Dporn content creators to sell their content for both Hive/Fiat and the native token Porn on it. It will allow for behind-the-paywall for content.

  2. We were talking to @eonwarp about behind-the-paywall scheme for our Dporn tribe and said its doable ,but would take some development. We reached out to PeakD in this comment here about having PeakD provide the ability to do so too.

One thing we are lacking is a full time dev. at the moment. We don't have the resources like LEOfinance ,but hoping to change that soon. We are here for the long-term.

Thanks for the mention.

Thanks for the reblog!

You bet. Thanks for making everyone aware of what is going on in this industry.

Does Hive have a marketing team or someone who can reach out? because they sure as hell ain't gonna coming knocking at our door.

Not that I know of, you can always join the discord and talk to some of the witnesses I guess. But I think aswell someone from Hive should atleast reach out and talk

Wow first I get a big upvote from the witness that I vote for.. then I come
To see the based AF article written by them! Damn I know how to pickem!

Thank you so much for that huge upvote, it means a lot! I am trying to onboard Walt Anderson and show him the value that his content can realize on this blockchain Vs. YouTube.

so now i need to find a girlfriend :P

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they also used verge!!
!discovery 30

Yep, that was a pretty nice score for the DogeCoinDark err I mean Verge guys :) Still I think it's low-adoption. Bitcoin and to a much lesser extent Litecoin are much more well known. I'm not about to create an account to find out what exact crypto payments they take right now but it seems like Dogecoin would be a good option for commerce, even for porn.

like it! :)

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