Cryptocurrencies will change your view of the world

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All of us who have been familiar with cryptocurrencies and using them for some time understand that obtaining wealth through this means is not a speed race, but rather a race of obstacles and time. Therefore, it makes no sense to try to see it another way and obfuscate ourselves by searching for impossible things.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have meant a "before" and an "after" in many aspects

While there have been many cases in history of people who have achieved wealth quickly thanks to cryptocurrencies, the truth is that they only make up a very minimal percentage of all the people who use cryptocurrency on a daily basis. In fact, most people don't get rich by using cryptocurrencies, that's the truth.

What needs to be understood is that Bitcoin and the other solid cryptocurrencies on the market have a use value that goes beyond the simple fact of whether or not they can allow us to become millionaires. The value even goes beyond serving as a means of payment. Cryptocurrencies have come to mean a "before" and an "after" in the way the world economy works, but also, a "before" and an "after" in how people's personal economy works.

At the level of the economy of nations, Bitcoin and the other strongest cryptocurrencies on the market are teaching us that responsibility for the issuance of means of payment does not have to be solely in the hands of governments, and that, in fact, it is worse when the responsibility for issuing money falls on a central bank.

Furthermore, at the level of people's personal economy, cryptocurrencies have made us realize that responsibility for our financial growth should never depend on third parties, much less governments. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, ordinary citizens of any country now understand advanced economic issues that it makes them understand how money works, how money has worked throughout its history and how it should really work.

Now the average citizen is not the sad bunny who must wait for politicians to solve its life financially, which, by the way, it never really happen. So, cryptocurrencies have allowed those of us who use them to understand that responsibility for our wealth and our personal economy depends solely on us. And they have also allowed us to understand that governments are not really helpful for our financial growth, but rather an obstacle that we must constantly deal with.

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Bitcoin has changed our view of the world

On the other hand, we now understand that the indiscriminate issuance of money is the result of government mismanagement. But before we thought it was because the currencies did not have a strong backing since the abandonment of the gold standard. However, cryptocurrencies (BTC and the others) have made us realize that the problem of monetary inflation and government corruption is not solved by putting a backup on money, as was once believed.

Since it's not about having backup or not, this goes much further than that. Because fiat money has no support other than the confidence that exists in the solidity of a nation's economy. Similarly, in the case of cryptocurrencies, their value lies in the trust that thousands of people place in them. But there is a difference, and that is that most cryptocurrencies usually have limited supply (such as BTC, which can only exist 21 million units), and all of them have a controlled emission, defined by an immutable system; which cannot be changed or controlled by whoever issues the units.

This greatly differentiates cryptocurrencies from fiat money, because there is no way for inflation to occur, since the supply is limited and truly controlled by an incorruptible system: The blockchain.

Thanks to the blockchain, the system of using cryptocurrencies is incorruptible, due to the double accounting record system that exists internally. Which means that both the outflows and inflows of funds are recorded simultaneously, both from the wallets or addresses from which each transaction is issued, and from those that receive the cryptographic funds.

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More and more people now understand the factors that create financial wealth and poverty

Now, finally, people are understanding the factors that create both financial wealth and poverty. But also, they understand the value of the projects that support cryptographic currencies. So, it is no longer just a matter of blindly trusting in a future promised by unscrupulous politicians who only want to win elections. No, now people finally understand the game of economics and are playing it to their advantage.

That is why, personally, I trust cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, HIVE and LEO, because I understand that they have true value, in addition, I know that they are unique technologies with immeasurable growth potential in the future. All this, added to the fact that I am a faithful believer that the more limited the intervention of governments in our pockets and our purchasing power, the better it will be for all of us.

So technically, I am a true believer in the essence of cryptocurrencies. And, as I have said on other occasions, Bitcoin, HIVE and LEO are the future of the world and those who do not see it now and act accordingly, will inevitably miss out on a great possibility of growth and economic independence in their lifes.

So if you still don't believe in cryptocurrencies, give them a chance, study them and you will see how they will change your vision of the world and things.

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