Myths about wealth and poverty

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At an economic level, the world is in constant change in every sense. When I analyze it I realize that I am constantly trying to understand it. What is the reason for this? Very simple, firstly, I am an analytical person who likes to understand how everything works, and secondly, I aspire to be rich one day.

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Having money will not give you happiness

That's when I look people who tell me that having money won't give me happiness, as if being rich is simply about being happy like someone who lives in a fairy tale.

One of the most widespread myths in the world is that money does not necessarily give you happiness. And although in a practical and literal sense this is so, the truth is that this has nuances and edges that we must consider. So I understand this through a simple truth: Certainly there are happy rich people and unhappy rich people in this world, but it is also true that there is no happiness in poverty.

The poor are not happy, because who living in constant need could be? That is, whoever is poor will say "Oh... Today I don't have money to eat, what a joy!!!" No, right?? Unless it's some kind of mentally deranged person. Nobody right? Because as much as many speak against money (especially socialists and communists), food, housing, medicine, public services, clothing and transportation are basic needs that are achieved through money.

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Which means that money brings peace of mind by allowing us to satisfy our most basic personal needs and those of our family. So, no one who does not have the means to pay for those basic things will be able to be happy no matter how hard they try. Therefore, poverty does not give happiness.

Money doesn't necessarily give you happiness, but at least it allows you to focus on things that don't depend on money. Not having to focus your attention on basic needs allows you to set the happiness ladder to higher goals.

Another myth: Having money makes you evil

Another widespread myth is that having money turns you into an evil being. The truth is that this is one of the most dangerous beliefs, because it makes many people feel irrational phobia about the idea of financial wealth.

To support this fallacy, those who support this myth look at rich people who have committed despicable acts, and then they say... "Do you notice? Do you realize that having money makes you evil?" And they finish by saying "That's why having money is bad and all rich people are evil people."

But they do not realize that money does not make us good or bad people, since that will depend on the personal nature of each person. So if you are a bad person before you have money, you will most likely continue to be a bad person if you become a millionaire. And in the same way, if you are a good person, then you will most likely still be a good person if you become a millionaire.

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So putting all the people who want to make money in this world (and the millionaires) all in the same bag with the evil people doesn't make any sense. Because just as there are poor people who are good and poor people who are bad, there are also good rich people and evil rich people.

So having or not having money is not the factor that determines the problem here, but the personal values and real nature of each individual.

In the same way, if someone always acts like an idiot before it has money, it will do the same after it gets it. Because money does not change you, but rather gives you more possibilities to express and demonstrate who you really are.

Many of those who do not understand all this say: "I am poor, but honest..." As if being rich necessarily implied being dishonest by nature. And again, this is not so. Because while it is true that there are many rich people in the world who are dishonest, percentage-wise they are nothing more than a minority. That is to say, the vast majority of rich people are honest people.

But money makes you selfish

Another very widespread myth is believing that money makes you selfish. And as I said, it will depend on who you are before you have money. Because if you are selfish before you had money, then when you have money you will still be selfish, but you will be a rich selfish person. But if you were generous before you had money, then when you become rich you will continue to be generous, and you will be able to help even more people than when you were poor.

Because what you have to understand here is that the majority of the rich in the world are kind, generous, visionary, income-generating people, who pay taxes and generate employment and well-being. Furthermore, the richest people in the world are the most charitable and support initiatives that help millions of poor and needy people around the world.

Some illogically maintain that...

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If the rich are so good, why don't they donate all their money to the poor?

Because in the first place they wouldn't change anything with it. No one in the world has enough economic power to end poverty and misery simply by donating all their money, no matter how much money they have. Not even the legendary John D. Rockefeller would have such power if he were alive today (and if he were, he would still be the world's biggest billionaire).

Secondly, what would a rich person gain by donating 100% of their fortune and living in poverty? It is simply illogical, absurd and ridiculous reasoning. No one will unnecessarily put their own living conditions and those of their family at risk. That's not a reasonable thing.

Additionally, people can help others much more when they have money than when they don't. As I've already said, because they can do more charitable works, generate more companies and employment, etc.

So wealth is not bad, let's put an end to that absurd myth once and for all. We have to understand that what is undesirable is to be poor and without values, as it is to be someone rich and without values. What we have to aspire to is to be financially rich people with high personal values.

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