The key to success at HIVE and LeoFinance is to never give up

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I have always said that abandoning any project or goal that we have is the easiest thing in the world, what is truly difficult and commendable is the act of persisting despite all the obstacles that may arise.

Achieving success in HIVE and LeoFinance.

I believe that nowhere is this more true than at HIVE and LeoFinance. And I clarify that by achieving success I mean the financial aspect, that is, I am talking here about financial success. Or in other words, that our posts generate good financial gains for us.

Because let's be clear, we all know how promising these platforms (HIVE and LeoFinance) are, and what they represent in the field of Web 3.0 and the global economy in general. We all understand the great potential and positive impact they have in so many ways. But let's face it, we're all here, even if we don't want to admit it, for the money.

It is not necessary to decorate the matter. We are all here because we want to make money through our content and our interaction on these platforms. Now, we know that we have to generate value through our interactions for that to happen one day.

Never give up

The point here is that to achieve the desired success, we must be persistent, and persevere every day in the creation of content and interaction that adds value to others. However, achieving this is not entirely easy, especially since it is frustrating (and it is completely understandable) when we create content that is not rewarded at all (or poorly rewarded).

Measuring our success in HIVE and LeoFinance goes far beyond the rewards we get for our posts and interactions, is what many will claim. And it's true, but we all have needs and aspirations in life, and it's nice to know that what we write has some impact on others and is appreciated. And it's great that something confirms and reminds us of what we already know, that is, that we are not wasting time. And all this is achieved through the rewards we get through our posts and interactions on these platforms.

Even so, there is a long way to go when we start writing on these platforms until the moment when our efforts are rewarded to the exact extent that we want. But the point here is to never give up. Because those who quit, lose. In other words, they miss out on the opportunity to be in something bigger than they can imagine, and they miss out on the opportunity to make big money in the long run.

And how can we know this? Simply because of all the people who are already achieving financial success on these platforms through their posts and their interactions.

To be persevering we must be committed to the success of these platforms

I emphasize that the point here is not to give up, it is to persist against all odds even when we see that success is elusive. But as I already said, not earning any rewards or earning a few cents for each post can be frustrating. And that is when it is most difficult to persist.

So how can we be persevering when we feel there is no point or purpose in doing what we are doing? Simple, understanding that what we do does have a very big, profitable and important purpose, but in the long term. And even more, understanding that we must commit to the success of HIVE and LeoFinance as platforms and projects.

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If we are not able to maintain the perseverance to write and interact every day on these platforms, the only way left for us to not give up is to be more stubborn than a mule. We must be stubborn in such a sense that we do not give up even though discouragement seems to be winning the battle.

And if with the intelligence of mules (being stubborn can sometimes be considered a virtue and a form of intelligence) we manage to keep interacting on these platforms until we achieve success, then it is the most recommended.

We never know when success is just one step away from us

So, we need to remenber that easy money does not exist, that is the truth. And HIVE and LeoFinance are one of the proofs of this. So whoever thinks they are going to come here to write 10 or 15 posts (and incidentally, "badly dones") and become a millionaire. Better think twice; because they couldn't be more wrong.

Although most people come to these platforms with that idea in mind. So, it is important that they get it out of their heads as soon as possible. Because their future success here will depend on it. Now, once people understand that this isn't a speed race. And that it's not so much the goal that's important. But the journey and what you're learning along the way. Then they will be able to hold a vision of success and persevere until you achieve it.

Because this is like old-fashioned mining. We find ourselves pecking at a mountain where we know there is gold in plenty, because many others have already found it. But we never know when we will find it, nor what will be the peck (the stone hit) that will allow us to finally find all the gold we long for.

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The key is to know is that if we don't persevere, we will lose. That is, if we get desperate, get tired and then give up, we may be missing out on finally hitting the peak (that just last effort) that will give us all the financial success we crave. And then it will happen to us like the man in the image. Who abandoned his efforts when he was only one step away from having all the diamonds he wanted.

Thus, I repeat, we must never give up our efforts in LeoFinance and HIVE. Because we may be closer to the desired success than we think.

The most important thing is not to arrive, but to keep

Now, it is also important that while we persist in our efforts, we take into account something very important. We need to develop a suitable mindset for the moment when we finally achieve the desired success. Because we must understand that the most important thing is not so much to achieve success (although it is also important). But to know how to keep it.

So that once we achieve all the desired success, we don't let it lose by feeling tired or having a wrong vision of things. And in this sense, we must know that although being stubborn and persevering will help us achieve our goals of financial success in both HIVE and LeoFinance. We are also going to have to keep said perseverance and stubbornness once we have reached the success we crave.

When this happens, writing every day and interacting on these platforms will be as important or even more important than when we had not achieved success. And that is something we should always remember.

It is not unreasonable to think of HIVE and LeoFinance as mountains with large diamond or gold mines

Not far-fetched at all, especially when we consider the huge financial gains many successful users are making right now. So we have to realize that only a fool would leave a location where he knows there are literally mountains of money at stake.

And it's not just about what we can earn right now of achieving success. Because the future potential for earnings in HIVE and LeoFinance, exceeds our wildest dreams. So, We are "literally" sitting on a mountain of money here. Because of the potential value of these platforms and what they represent in the framework of Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, social networks and much more. They will become increasingly important and profitable in the future.

Considering that, given the characteristics of these platforms, our accounts belong to us and will always belong to us. And that no one can come to censor us or delete our accounts (a risk that does exist in Web 2.0 social networks). Then we can understand even more the great value that is immersed in all this.

So the stakes are high here. And being persistently stubborn, or stubbornly persevering, will help us stay on track to achieve and keep the financial and personal success we long.

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You've brilliantly captured the essence of persistence in the world of Hive and LeoFinance, highlighting the ongoing journey toward financial success.
I too believe that patience and tenacity are the keys to unlocking the full potential of these platforms. Success might not come overnight, but your words inspire us to keep chipping away at the mountain of opportunities that lie ahead. Well said! 👏

I am glad that my post has been useful and inspiring in this regard. Greetings.

Many Web 2 users are realizing how essential 'Ownership' of their content is and that is a strong asset that Hive offers to its participants.

'being persistent' is good advice for a new participants that don't feel like their content is being read or appreciated but there needs to be an understanding that a post should be made with quality content in mind and not the upvote number. Even if the upvotes are a big pull for many, that shouldn't be the sole reason the post was made.

Thanks for sharing your insight and advice. It's great to see inspiring posts!

Well, actually I cleared up that part you mention in the post. That's why I said that perseverance is the key to financial success on these platforms. But I also mentioned that the quality of our posts and interactions is critical in this regard as well.

In any case. I am glad that my post has been inspiring for you. Thanks for reading and commenting.

I should have read your post more closely. My mistake! I got too caught up in posting a comment. Thank you!
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