The Opportunities Behind Every Financial Crisis

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I like to analyze how crises generate opportunities by making us change our vision of things. Since if nature, the world and history show us anything, it is the fact that adaptation is a crucial process in any type of growth or progress that we can experience.

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Adaptation in the economic environment

The economic environment does not escape this reality. Understanding that each economic crisis brings us the opportunity to obtain financial wealth is an approach that most people are still not able to assimilate. Each problem must be seeing and analyzed. From this analysis the way will emerge that will allow it to be solved.

And whoever creates the solution to a problem is the one who can obtain financial wealth in the process. We have seen it time and time again throughout history. But financial wealth can also be gained by those who recognize the solution to a problem at an early stage and employ it. So both creating solutions to problems and recognizing existing ones is an approach that generates wealth.

While some cry and complain, others get rich by selling the handkerchiefs with which those who cry dry their tears. It is a fact that illustrates the situation as such. The proof of this is that even in the countries with the highest inflation in the world, there are individuals who manage to obtain wealth.

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What do they do differently?

And that's where one might ask, what do they do differently? And that is when we realize that all they do is visualize the problem and take care of providing solutions to it. Instead of just complaining or feeling helpless in the face of what seem like insurmountable problems, visionaries see ways to obtain solutions where others only see problems.

This capacity is a type of resilience, one that all human beings should be able to develop in our lives. Because after all, who doesn't want to achieve financial wealth in their life?

The airplane, the subway, the computer, the electric light bulb, the drinking water and sewage pipe system, the cell phone, etc., all these are just some examples of solutions found by visionaries to problems of their time. And all the visionaries who created them obtained economic wealth as a result.

In the field of cryptocurrencies

In the field of cryptocurrencies we have it very easy, although many do not understand it yet. The fact that fiat money has always been controlled by governments is a problem. To the extent that this creates problems of devaluation and economic inflation and recessions. The solution to this predicament is cryptocurrencies.

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Since 2009, Bitcoin has been showing us the way as a means of payment and a technology that can and should replace money as a common means of use. Bitcoin has shown us how we don't need governments to control our money and personal economy.

So Bitcoin, as an economic solution, is making history, and as such, we must understand it. If we are able to understand it, we will end up benefiting economically from it in the future, both for that fact and for the fact of being pioneers in the use of that technology.

Because what many still don't understand is that Bitcoin is still very new, and although it has come a long way since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, there is still a lot to advance. And those of us who are immersed in its use are still very few, relatively speaking, which forces us to be pioneers, with the enormous benefits that this means.

Being a pioneer in any field is an advantage and this is no exception. Understanding that Bitcoin is the perfect solution to the problem of government-controlled fiat money, we are part of the solution when we decide to take the approach of using it in our daily lives.

So the global financial crisis is only a problem if we do nothing and just sit around talking about it. But with Bitcoin we can do something different, we can beat the financial crisis and governments at their own game, and achieve unprecedented wealth.

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wealth need some innovation and courage beside to other factors too. Nice post fren👍