What do we need for big capitals to come and invest in HIVE?

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A question that I often ask myself is about what does HIVE need as a platform and as a project to attracting big capital and start to expand financially much more?

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What is required for such a thing to happen?

I think it is a legitimate question that all us who write and socialize on this platform should ask ourselves. Because if we find the answer, it would be the starting point of unlimited success for HIVE. Both as a platform and as a project. But also as a cryptocurrency itself.

Every time I ask myself this question, many things come to my mind that would have to happen. And what would encourage the coming of big capital to take an interest in this platform and project. From my point of view, I think that what we need is, more than anything, marketing. Or in other words, advertising on the conventional social platforms of Web 2.0 where we can explain the benefits of Web 3.0.

That's in first place, but in second place, I also think that another important thing we need to attract the interest of large companies worldwide. And is the fact that we begin to mention them and take them into account in our posts on the platform. Why do I think this? Simple, because I have worked in Marketing and I also have experience in SEO (Searching Engineering Optimization). And for this reason, I know that the big commercial brands pay big attention in what people say about them. Especially on social media.

And by researching and monitoring these kinds of things through the use of specific specialized tools. They manage to come up with the most important keywords with which people refer to them as brands. This interests them a lot because brands will always be interested in the general impression that the public has about them is positive.

When they discover a site where they are not spoken well of, they worry and try to fix it with many different measures. But when they discover a site, platform or social network where the general impression of them is positive. Then they will try to reinforce their position in such a sense.

So, what brands can we talk about at HIVE?

From any big brand, from all them, if we want. We would talk here about Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, Sony, Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, Tesla, Ford, General Motor, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and any other great commercial brand that comes to mind.

We must also talk about large banks, such as J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, City Bank, First Century Bank and many others.

The point is that we begin to take them into account when we write our posts. Because believe me, it may seem like something insignificant. Or like something that no one will notice and that it will go completely unnoticed, but it is not, I can assure you. Because when the managers of Marketing and SEO of the big brands begin to investigate their impact on the Web. They reach the most remote Web sites where they are mentioned.

When they see that at HIVE we mention them and discuss serious issues about them. They will begin to take us into account, and they will most likely be encouraged to take part in the platform. It is simple common sense and logic. And this is what we should looking for.

Now, I don't doubt that there are many more ways in which we could attract big money to invest in HIVE. But for my part, these are some of the ones that I have thought of so far. If you can think of others, dear reader, do not hesitate to mention them in the comments of this post.

Well, what I am mentioning is not as simple to happen. Because it will need that a good part of us who write and interact here at HIVE become aware of it and put it into practice. But I think it would be worth trying. So, we have to make HIVE attractive in such a way that the big brands want to come and take part in it.

What do you think about the topic discussed? Please comment.

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Leo's DHF proposal aims to bring more users to Hive by leveraging Web 2 social platforms. Hope you have supported it :)

Anyway, I left a question on your threadstorm. I was intrigued when you said we need to attract big money to Hive 😉

What you mention is certainly important and, of course, I supported that proposal. And by the way, I already answered your question in the thread storm. Either way, I'll answer it here as well.

You have doubts about what I mean when I say "big capital". When I talk about large capital I mean large financial and commercial companies. I am referring here to the great commercial brands, corporations and companies of the world. Those with immense capital to invest. Now, when I talk about Marketing on 2.0 social networks being important, it will be because it will attract more people to invest time and effort in HIVE.

And when the people who are coming to the platform and those of us who are already on it, start talking about the large commercial and financial brands, then they will want to come and participate in Web 3.0 and more specifically, in Hive.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Greetings.

Thank you for your explanation, I appreciate it. We need more users and applications. As to companies with immense capital as you mentioned, I kind of don't get how they are going to be helpful to the Hive ecosystem unless they create applications and bring their communities, etc :)

They do not necessarily have to develop any application or anything like that (although it is a possibility that they will). Because as I already mentioned to you in the thread. The entry of these capitals and corporations will be useful because in order to take care of their image as companies (and at the same time to promote their products or services), they will want to join HIVE as a platform and as a concept. So, they're going to want to have great influence, and we know that for that they're going to have to invest heavily in HIVE in order to have enough voting power that their presence counts for something.