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More and more of us are the people who find ourselves writing and interacting on HIVE and LeoFinance daily, and this leads some to wonder why this phenomenon is happening?

The importance of what we do

Many believe that it is just all about money, that is, that people are writing and interacting on these platforms in order to obtain rewards. And we cannot deny that this is an important factor within the general picture of what is happening here and what we are witnessing in this sense.

But, while making money is an important aspect of all this growth and expansion that we are witnessing, it is no less true that it cannot be and is not the only relevant factor in the general scheme of things. Since without forcing ourselves too much, it is easy to realize the importance of platforms like HIVE and LeoFinance in the context of Web 3.0 social networks. Just by analyzing factors such as freedom of expression (both platforms lack censorship mechanisms), we can already see why so many people are joining them.

Because at HIVE and LeoFinance no one can censor, delete or veto our publications. And no one will ever be able to delete our accounts. This is something in which both HIVE and LeoFinance (being Web 3.0 platforms) undoubtedly surpass all the large Web 2.0 social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, X, and any others).

The fact is that it is vital to realize that what we do here when writing and interacting every day is something extremely important and transcendental. Because every time we write a post on these Web 3.0 platforms, we are expressing our opinion freely and uncensored to the world, and we are helping to create, maintain and expand a space where everyone can come to do exactly the same.

Without a doubt, LeoFinance and HIVE are a step forward in terms of freedom of expression, and what is more, said step is exponential in every sense. Therefore, at HIVE and LeoFinance our content is ours and always will be and in the same way our accounts will always be ours and cannot be deleted or censored in any sense.

Anyone who does not believe that this is a great advantage should try going to Facebook or X and trying to express an opinion contrary to the opinion matrix of the owners of those social networks. Then that person will realize that its opinions will be censored and its account can be instantly deleted at any time.

The money we earn on those platforms will be considerable

I go back to the subject of money, due to the fact sure, it's far something vital. Although it isn't the main issue that need to inspire humans to write and engage on these systems, it is something very crucial for the easy reality that it is straightforward to monetize our time by using writing or appearing the social actions.

Although on Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram (among different) we can also get to the factor in which we can make money for what we do, it's miles greater tough than doing it through HIVE and LeoFinance. Because so as to make money on Web 2.0 platforms it's miles essential to be influencers with miles or millions of followers, views and interactions. But at HIVE it isn't in any respect tough to begin producing rewards for the posts we write and for vote casting and commenting on different human beings's content material.

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So the distinction among Facebook, X, TikTok and every other Web 2.0 social network compared to Web 3.0 social networks like HIVE and LeoFinance is quite simple. At Hive and LeoFinance everyone can make the most of their time and actions. Because in Hive and LeoFinance we can earn money for simple social actions that we carry out every day.

It is authentic that the amount of cash that can be earned in this sense will be not very big in the beginning. But through the years if we persevere it's gonna be giant for lots motives. First, due to the fact by writing and interacting continuously on these structures we will continually be adding rewards. Second, because the price of cryptocurrencies (via which they reward their users for developing their posts and different social movements) will increase over time.

Third, due to the fact, as I even have stated inside the beyond, those of us who we are on the ones Web 3.0 platforms today can keep in mind we're pioneers. So we can acquire fulfillment of our efforts over the years, because of the superb benefits that come with being pioneers in a few factor so modern and essential.

And what is going to we need to achieve success at HIVE and LeoFinance?

I realise I've talked about this within the past, but it's far constantly worth remembering and emphasizing. What we want to do to achieve success in this type of platform is to be enterprise and disciplined. If there's one thing very notable when we see as looking on the accounts of folks that are already reaping superb results on HIVE and LeoFinance, it's the fact that far getting our readers engaged with our content will be what make us successful on those Web 3.0 platforms.

However, accomplishing such engagement will require that we too interact on such platforms, not just to put in writing, however to vote, commentary, and interact with others' content material.

What we are building at HIVE and LeoFinance

Beyond everything mentioned throughout this post, there are many other great advantages derived from the fact of writing and interacting on these Web 3.0 platforms. And one that is undoubtedly often overlooked when analyzing the whole matter is the fact of realizing what we are building here.

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Unlike YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and other platforms, on LeoFinance and HIVE anyone can start earning money from the first moment. But even more so, at HIVE and LeoFinance success will be lasting. Because if we analyze many YouTube influencers, we will see that they have many followers, millions of views and these people earn millions of dollars.

But as I said before, getting to that point is not that easy, and what's worse, many of those "influencers" are making money by creating garbage, inconsequential and worthless content. But at HIVE and LeoFinance we are building platforms with genuine and valuable content. Useful content that will enrich the Internet, and that will make a difference in the future.

These may be cooking recipes, financial articles, an opinion on a specific topic that interests us, etc. But in HIVE and LeoFinance there is space for all topics and opinions, no matter how diverse they may be, and they are all respected and valued for what they are. We don't have to agree with everything we read and no one is shocked by what someone else writes. Still, there is a great respect and sense of ethics that invisibly keeps these platforms functioning in the best possible way, but without coercion of any kind that threatens to deprive the most basic freedoms. That's worth gold, without a doubt.

But what seems most important to me in all this is that at HIVE and LeoFinance we are building for the future. Because as I already said, on YouTube and TikTok (and many other Web 2.0 social networks), many people have gained great power of influence and are making a lot of money by doing stupid things and creating empty and inconsequential content. So it doesn't take a genius to realize that many of those who are "influencers" today will not be influencers in the future. Many of them depend on youth and beauty (extremely fleeting things) to continue attracting people's attention through their content. And over the years this will work against them.

On the other hand, those of us who write in HIVE and LeoFinance are putting something much more important and lasting, which is our intellectual capacity. At HIVE and LeoFinance no one will depend of beauty or youth to write, due to all that is required is knowledge and passion about a topic and the desire and ability to express it through a post.

So what we're building here is big. We can't doubt it for a second.

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