GL Goals: new UI gameplay, XP, ratings

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The Genesis League Goals Ranked Rewards game mode launched yesterday. 2 matches in the video below with the new UI and the first rewards.

In addition, a lot of information has come to light in the last 2 days.

By the way, the GLX rewards distribution is back, you receive some small rewards again.

Many things became clear in the Ranked System post, such as the XP and ELO rating systems.

Hard to count the exact numbers, as it is not visible anywhere in UI at the moment, but it's working in the background.

The tier requirements are:

As you can see from the above, you'll need rating points anyway, what you can earn from gameplay, now you can earn enough to allow you to start the game even 2-3 tiers higher when all the tiers are available.

Another important factor is that the synergy system is also not live yet, so you can change players in the team without any disadvantages.

Yesterday and today I played 50-50 matches with both of my teams. The overall result from team management:

I wouldn't go in speculation, I just know, you will be able to play this much later in a week.

My personal goal would be a minimum rating of 1600, with which I could start already in the 3rd tier. (You can also earn fans with the game.)

It is important to note again, that the above are not displayed in the UI, they only run in the background, but they will become visible with the next update.

Since the other formulas are complicated, I won't go into them in detail. However, I'm sure, it will probably give early birds an advantage of 1-2 weeks.


The amount of XP varies a lot, that's for sure: currently, all starting and substitute players earn the same amount of XP regardless of whether and how much they played. Reserves do not receive XP.

You can find the exact formula in the Ranked System post. Currently, in practice I get 50-160 XP / player / match for a win. Draws are also worth all the XP, usually between 1-5.

My players with the highest XP currently are:

This is due to the fact that Kann was a substitute in all the matches, but did not play once. I was able to put Willis in the team for about 30 games, almost always as a substitute.

Since a match consumes 40% of a player's Health if he plays the whole match, it can be said that in the future, this amount of XP will take at least 1 week to earn, counting 8-10 matches per day.

I think that the above clearly shows why it is worth starting to play regularly now. There is no advantage at the moment, but in days or perhaps weeks the advantage created by this will be visible. Next to that, you can already earn small amount of GLX.

Have a nice weekend!

Pictures are owned by Genesis League Goals.


i like it. all about soccer i like. will check it out tks

Now the glx reward tiers are partly live (no gold foil and fans bonus yet). There are 5 tiers. I just reached the 3rd today, so I can tell about the first 3.

solo tier: 0.6 glx (single bcx)
local tier: 5 glx (single bcx)
regional tier: 19.5 glx (minimum 4bcx RF or 3bcx GF cards)

same amount both for wins and draws atm. no rewards for loss.

Don't expect much at the beginning, I just started a new team, lost 40 from first 50 matches. Atm everybody can be matched vs. everybody, so the weakest, lowest ranked teams vs the best ones. later on, it will be different, everybody can be paired within their tiers.

at the beginning, just XP collection is important, and gaining some ratings, fans. for 5 more days, you can collect 3 times more XP. It will be very useful for XP bonus on hard card stats later on.

i think, now the free practice mode is live on their webpage, so you can try the game with a free random team.

if you decide to give a try, and have any question just comment here, and I'll try to answer.

great tips to start it. tks a lot.
i imagine the start is always hard until get a good team

tks man

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