Sentinel is now listed & trading on Polarity.Exchange

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Polarity.Exchange has a new listing for its users today, Sentinel dVPN! One of the five members of the non profit BPSAA foundation. With this listing we have has also pushed out an update on the exchange platform: version 1.1.1

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The Sentinel Network hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications with a focus on user security, technological transparency and global availability. Their primary product Sentinel dVPN allows users to create p2p private and public networks and boasts greater then 450TB of bandwidth exchanged with more than 200 nodes globally. They carry a user total of 4.5m with 150k weekly user average.

The current product version exists on Ethereum, but is now a Cosmos based project and has its own blockchain in Tendermint.

We are pleased to announce the listing of Sentinel (SENT) on Polarity.Exchange and have had great feedback collected from the community in an AMA hosted on the SENT telegram.

Both projects share a commitment to user security (i.e. Polarity.Vault service and dVPN both use AES 256 encryption.)

We are optimistic about the future of the Sentinel Network, especially within the Cosmos ecosystem.

The transition to Polarity.Exchange version 1.1 which included our new Polarity.Security products has seen some very constructive feedback from our community. As crypto enthusiasts first and for most, we would like to thank you for all the comments and commitments of time you have made.

We are currently hosting an airdrop details can be found here:

You can also join our telegram for more information:

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My next recommendation for a token listing is SNAX would love to start seeing this on some exchanges.

This is a pretty cool project around security! Looking forward to see it work in practice!

What I dont get exactly are they making money? Nothing about it...

We are currently developing several different financial services. As you can see we are currently live on mainnet and have transacted a pretty decent amount of volume already. Every transaction generates small transaction fees for Polarity and it's underlining POS blockchain infrastructure.

I will discuss this project with my peers and definitely follow you! What are your team backgrounds and expertise? This if successful has also great potential for businesses!

Myself, some of the developers and one of the founders are early crypto adopters. And we got introduced to a full stack engineer while working on a community DEX platform we all had together. Tony who is an extremely professional software engineer took our little group and help organize us into a fortune 500 styled company and within all that choas we gave birth to Polarity.Exchange! is the parent company
Tony our leading engineer's blog site:
& linkedin:

We are also hosting an airdrop if you are interested. Which we are distributing 100k tokens from the blockchain platform Polarity DEX is built on