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It is hard to think you know what is crypto next move since crypto itself is the new kid on the block. The sweet spot is there for everyone to mount a climb where the bull is acting nonchalant. Usually weekend is the time to chill and think about something else. having crypto in mind is a different approach knowing the ride belongs to all parties involved. I found out it is so hard to truly comprehend who is against crypto, when crypto can bring fortune.

At some point it is better to do what is right for you and follow the trend when the market allows you to do so. We have been waiting for a BTC ETF for the past couple years now. Canada did figured it out and they are ahead. Here in the US it is a different ball game. Way too many at stake and moving one piece requires the other players to move another one. In the meantime time is passing by and BTC is growing in admiration.


Having a BTC ETF will definitely take Bitcoin to new high. Demand will skyrocket since these funds will hold some BTC as well with other stocks. This practice is putting crypto currencies in a different level for regulations. In order to win people trust everyone needs to play by the rules. This is the moment BTC will move away from regular people due to price jump. With $40k/BTC the real winner is the world in general. As of right now there is no turning back. There will be a BTC ETF when the timing is right.

Control is what dictates the behavior of the market. Inflation is telling us the story we should be ready to hear. Crypto is appeasing the gap that separates the community for so long. It just makes sense to figure the best way you can accumulate the tokens with the power to absorb inflation and still earn interest in the backend. Better understand the rapport of ETF with crypto and see how one can generate abundance with crypto.

This is the power of the Financial sphere moving crypto at the speed of the blockchain where you benefit from it. It is the irony of the SEC unable to capture the moment and bring BTC ETF in the last couple of years, but now the same guy that left Jay C. is working with other company to bring BTC ETF on the market. This part got me thinking why he did not do it. It could be the agenda at that time has nothing to do with crypto.

Sooner or later crypto cavalry is moving north where everyone knowing the right situation will move along. Having crypto to be an integral part of the traditional market is another piece of the puzzle where value will come and go. In the accumulation phase value will remain to give crypto the lightning to cross the frontier for other mechanisms to grow.

Just shy of 11 years ago, crypto with BTC on top have a longer road to go by. The money of the internet may seems to change the way we all crypto lovers see money, finance. There is more to envy when time is on your side. Information about crypto is everywhere. I think we all love control. Looking at July, 17% growth in just 7 days intensified the need for everyone interested to hold the tokens you can.
BY the way happy #HPUD, couple hours to go.

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Am glad I started taking Hive growth seriously again about 2 months ago and posting more frequently. Let's just keep growing and positioning ourselves nicely. Have a great weekend

True to that. Hive at a dollar
will be very sweet considering we are the value.
Happy HPUD!


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It is true that cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go and hoping it will be very successful for all of us and if there are only a few hours left for the #HPUD

It is about to get sweet with Hive.
Happy HPUD
Stay course and do your best.


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