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You can't never get tired of Mr. Wonderful talking about crypto currency. Few years back with ignorance he stood against the progress of crypto by calling it garbage. I said that with a grain of salt due to his fierce objection then. Something happen that changed his view of crypto where he is involved to a level with crypto and a big exchange FTX. His crypto investment is piling up to a great number of tokens as we speak.

Mr. Wonderful loves equity in any companies he is part of. As a long term investor he likes to see income stream to a point where he can relax knowing this company will continue to pay him for a long time. These are the reasons he sees tremendous value in cryptos like #USDC and others that can be incorporated in #DEFI.

So glad to hear, he did not put a cap of big daddy value. Trying to understand his mindset, he is after tokens that can bring a revenue string. Got me to think about what we are doing in Hive. If you think accumulating Hive is only writing a post, you are lost in translation. Maybe someone with a huge bag needs to approach him and see how he can help. This is for another story.

Many believe, talking about decentralization is being anonymous in the blockchain. Many in Hive remain that way for various reasons. Many more are well known and they have to be for obvious reasons. It all depends where you are. In the states, you can try but if you want to evolve and get to a point of doing business with crypto, you have to be compliant in the long run.

This is a major key for Mr. Wonderful and it is clear the institutions are thinking the same way. It has opened a different door facing regulation. When you add all pieces together regulated money can only come properly to crypto by a regulated canal. Facing with this hurdle, everyone got ample time to find the crypto that fit your bill. Many find joy with Hive. You can count me on that list.

I am watching the spectacle. There are other tokens making advancements worth taking notes. This is a learning process for many of us. having different set of ears only keep the engagement high. No need to reiterate BTC, it will reach $100k. The situation is prime to see $48k+, we can see the rapport put in place that value the whales. Again the words on the street are, BTC is too expensive, let's buy something else.

Another approach that got me pumped, the institutions see crypto as an asset not so much as currency. I do see the same structure if I own quite a few BTC. This is why DEFI exist. Park BTC in a defi and build an income stream. Just wrap your head around this stage and you can see why BTC could reach $100k. It is really set for that demand, being a property where its value is close to none in the future.

I have the same approach with Hive, accumulate as much as possible and see where I can extract the value not only from curating, powering, posting but more in a way where others can use my delegated Hive for purposes that can empower the whole blockchain. Actually some already implemented but a few can pull this income stream properly. I have to say you need to plan in order to get there. It is not much about the price of Hive, it is about the power entrust into the community. You can see a part of that trust with the witnesses. It is a growing feature that will change the way Hive is seen in the next couple of years.

Mr. Wonderful is a human and a businessman that see value first. Having him in crypto is a valuable asset to us all. Pure reminder he is not alone pushing crypto. We have more than enough celebrity or avid crypto folks out there. The message is no longer what crypto can do for you. It is more how you are positioning yourself to benefit from the abundance set in place. We all know what inflation is capable of doing. Crypto envisions the right way to deal with it.
If you do not know what to do, now you know. HPUD is around the corner.
Keep vesting them tokens.

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Join me also with the people to whom Hive gives us many joys. I am one of the beneficiaries of your delegated Hive Power, if we add everything that this great family allows us: to publish, vote, comment and delegate, our Blockchain makes our Blockchain much stronger. The #HPUD is just around the corner.

This place does change lives for good.
I have seen it with the time I have been here.
Take care and keep Hive high

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For me I'm seeing crypto currency as an investment.is good to invest in it for longtime.As BTC is raising Hive is raising too.just invest on them.there is many coin we need to buy and invest too.Investing in crypto currency is good.

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This is one way to invest.
Diversification within Hive is
getting momentum.
Hive-engine is on a roll

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You are welcome bro

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I agree Bitcoin looks fabulous and 100k looks doable. Now that it hit 50k do you think there will be a pullback and profit taking?

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Actually he is the one person I probably detest the most as I don't see any value in what he says. I am obviously not American and have only seen him half a dozen times and try and avoid him these days.

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