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Summer is all about rain and bad weather for my area. Almost everyday some kind of rain in the horizon. It is hot too and so far not much of hurricanes to disrupt the flow. It could be a quiet season for South Florida. While the weather will follow its course, the crypto weather is doing its July thing as before. Yesterday #BTC touches below $29k+ and worrisome it looks. The market looks promising at any time in the year. The only small issue the pessimism outgrow the positive crypto news out there.

I know it is not a measure for the whole market, #Hive alone is showing us a view of the community for the 21 days of July. Price wise not much progress for a growth. My focus is toward the sustainability for Hive during that time. The value continues to keep with the moment during the same time #Bnb, BTC, #Eth are losing value. The key to invest in crypto should never about the value in dollar. Always accumulate when you see the value is lower against the dollar.

While the news on the street pertains to regulations, stable coins and others, The crypto community is focused to grow their nest. Not long ago #Cub tokens brought positive vibration to the #leofinance community due to arrival of kingdoms. #DEFI will always be a sensible point for us. I have been using #CUB Finance since inception and can't complain except for the reason we all know. The price affects everyone and this is it. Cannot blame inflation or else. This is the market behavior during every Summer.

As always Hive power up day is approaching. I am getting ready to assemble my usual put of 1k Hive to support my holdings. I might have more for August first. I was thinking Hive could go lower for many to buy more. I do not see this happening cause people start focusing on the true value of Hive. #HBD starts making its way as a true stable coin with 10% interest. It takes time to see what you get but if you are willing to wait it will be sweet to see 10% interest coming your way. Start making your count and get your Hive together for #HPUD.
Keep moving and curating and posting your ideas.

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Glad yesterday eventually ended up good after the initial scare in the market. Hive just seem to recover quickly after every dip. 30 cent seem to be the new benchmark for hive.

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IF you know hive/steem we have grown now. $1 should be around the corner in less than a year.
It is just value in the face of the market.


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Here in Venezuela the summer is extremely hot as now and with little rainfall and I also wait for the arrival of August 1 to make my first official #HPUD and help the growth of the HIVE community.

Tell me about Summer, Florida is always hot.
Glad for the rain, my grass is greener.
Getting ready for HPUD
A milestone for me again.

the rain in summer is a real blessing and looking forward to the #HPUD for next week.



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