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Usually when you go for a ride seldom you have someone with you to share
this joyful moment. Crypto always find a way to be the subject any days.
I was resting my case for the seven month of the year noting it will be
a dry month and August will continue with the same lining. I was wrong for
the last 10 days. It does not need a whole lot to flip the chart. This is in a nutshell
what cryptos are capable for.

While the crackdown is moving fiercely across the globe on #Binance, it remains the biggest exchange by far. They are moving so much crypto it is clear why many governments are looking for a way to get a cut on all jurisdictions they are operating. Crypto itself has grown to be a powerhouse where the need for financial need. Take into account #Grayscale. They put in place many tokens where institutional investors are buying at a record to sell over the counter. This cycle seems to favor the way BTC is operating.

While China pushes away miners, at first it slows the effect of BTC and the whole crypto market. The mindset of the crypto community does not think the same way. Works are in place to lower the carbon footprint. While we are at it, BTC rises again with different plans and the rise will surprise many for the foreseeable future. Crypto is filling a gap where the correction is monumental. The minute volatility can be control where the acceptance is fair, the approach will bring serious eyes in the matter.

August will inherit the pre-$40k/BTC. I mention that yesterday as more companies are coming onboard, the miners with clean energy are coming onboard as well, you will see a new dynamism for crypto to grow. Humans love to create habit. $40k could be the resistance BTC needs to push toward $100k. By having more companies jumping on the back of crypto, it is a call for regulation to ride on. Taxation and earning will be a center piece for crypto owners for years to come.

While USA seems slow to adapt with crypto norms, they are a land where foreigners will come to hide funds legally. It may be hard for Americans to do so. It is the right thing to do wherever you are to comply with the law. Hard subject to dive in but at the end of the day this land understand the power of crypto and many companies embrace it and keep it on the open for many to see. It is about time BTC rises from within. While the Amazon news could be a smoking one, it does not change the route sets for crypto to ride on.


While BTC is leading this march, tokens like #Thorchain took the same route even with drama along the way. Many in the #leofinance circle admire this #defi platform with bright future. The global crypto market is only $1.6 trillion with $100+ billions volume a day, just on the report side, it could be more.

Since most markets intertwined, definitely crypto is part of the emerging market where value is more on the positive side due to low on corruption and easy to move around. It is getting a special bond for those who pay close attention to the empowerment of crypto and BTC is leading on that frontier.
It is not so much what countries accept crypto, it is more of how the country regulates and find ways to make crypto open for their market.
So much to see for the second half of the year. July has giving us a heads up.
Ride with it. While you are here get your Hive ready for #HPUD

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Cryptocurrencies are bigger and more powerful than any government. China or the USA cannot stand in front of this wave.

They are smart enough to let it loose. We will be regulated to a point where they will get their fair share going forward.

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It is not so much what countries accept crypto, it is more of how the country regulates and find ways to make crypto open for their market.

I believe Countries who succeed at finding a working relationship with crypto early enough position themselves to be leaders in a potential financial revolution over the next decade or so

Again time is on crypto side. Crypto alone cannot succeed without all parties involved. Countries like US knowing open market is part of their economy will find ways to control crypto and us together.


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We hope that good friend and better news this second semester of the Year 2021 and the more companies join the greater the reach of cryptocurrencies. Ready for the Next #HPUD

Maybe August BTC will reach $60k and Hive
will emerge again around a dollar.
It will be like party all the time.

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