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Welcome to the green pasture of October. Hum! I should say orange since not everything will remain green in crypto sphere. Let's celebrate Hive everyone. This is HIVE POWER UP DAY. I manage every month to power on the first a set amount of #Hive token. What it does? In simple term, I get to curate better since my Hive power is getting high. I help to keep the blockchain more secure since less Hive will hit the market. I get to earn 3.09% on my Hive power since it is locked for 13 weeks in case I want the whole thing to be liquid. There you have it. By the way when more hivers power Hive the blockchain is becoming more decentralized.

Happy HPUD if you participate. Great timing. Apart from Hive pulling its weight last night, we are moving sideways around 1346 satoshis. This is the value to keep in mind if you will exchange it against BTC. For the dollar it is at 64 cents, give or take. Since stablecoins are the best way to move around in cryptoland, you may encounter more tokens being traded against stablecoins.

One time I did not see the mere importance a token like #USDT or USDC and many more bring to the crypto market. As you see the need for liquidity arises, stablecoins are benefiting the most. The attempt for a lot more to come alive will be the reason a token like #BTC will reach $100k shortly.
Stablecoins look easier to notate and they are backed by actual US dollar if that is the case.

Any association with US Dollar open a box of worms for the holders in long term status. Keep in mind not all stablecoins are created equal. Some are backed by crypto currency. That way the only way you can redeem the value, you have to sell that stablecoins against the crypto and get the value out. This is the case of our crazy token #HBD. Right now it is trying to hold around 96 cents. Its value is associated closed with Hive. You still can trade for the value presented to the other party.


I think it is the same case of #DAI. #TETHER and #USDC are backed by US dollar and other forms of US Dollar. Do not ask me. These tokens open the door for regulation in the long process of things. I think if regulations touch first base, anyone using these coins will crossroad with regulations. In a simple term, you will be taxes or pay fees for doing so.

As life always turn around, it will push for more innovation as to circumvent this aspect. Crypto is about privacy, anonymity, wise and concise. The speed in crypto is the reason it is still the best thing that can happen to mankind with trustless ability for you and I to transact effortless.
Nobody should be worry about regulation. First it will favor the exchanges since they are in the game to make money, point blank.

It will create more innovation. It will power a new economy where big money will find peace to enter this sphere. This is where I may lose you with crypto and #stablecoins. Everything happens for a reason. Crypto formidably takes the trust away from anyone. This is why regulation sounds more like a punitive aspect in crypto.

I think the best part of the story, regulation is like a break to slow down the masses from entering crypto. This is why the conception of holding is an advancement to set yourself for success when the pseudo-plateau surfaces. If you are researching the true value of crypto, this time is ripe of great article. Yesterday Powell was going around instead of saying directly We have no intention of banning crypto If they do so, it will be chaos.

The economy is so fragile with inflation coming from everywhere. Shortages on cars chip, natural gas distribution(While there is enough for the world for 100 years), crypto is the spark the world needs. It is sad to say crypto is not for everyone. As long you can understand the fusion it inspires with the freedom it generates, crypto is for you.

Since $100k/BTC is coming, what is your plan? Actually I just read it on #leofinance. Buy low, sell high. It may look easy to do the wrong choice due to FOMO. Glad you got the memo to put your earning where your mouth is. Patience is how you play the crypto game. Hold and continue to hold if it fits your profile.
Keep stacking them vest.

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See you at the next Power Up day to see if you will repeat this feat.
May the Hive Power be with you!

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happy #HPUD to you too friend, I was able to participate for the 3rd month in a row and it's great to help strengthen the #Hive blockchain. I hope to continue growing with you 🎃🎃

Crypto is the future.

Buy low sell high is my strategy . dollar cost averaging tho.

Happy hive power up day

The satoshi/Hive-Price is a number I am now inserting into my Excel list! I did not thought about this one... :D



The Whales always buy the BTC dip, so if I want to be a whale, I do what they do. Which is different from what everyone else does, they sell. Why? FOMO and FUD.

Think Different

If you want a different result, you must do different things.
I see you are adding to your holdings when others are selling their Hive.
Why? FOMO and FUD, plus perhaps short term thinking.


You are successful because you are a longterm thinker. Last year and the year before you bought about this year.
This year your thinking about 2025.
Short term thinking gives us short term losses or short term gains, but in crypto I think it's better to play the long game.
Accumulate, increase your individual earning power with more Hive.

Think Different, Do Different, Be DIfferent