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RE: What to do, what to do?

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…it could very well be that the bullrun is over for the year before it really got started and now we will have to wait another four years until the next opportunity.

I’m crossing my fingers, hoping for a big spike in the fall. Then sell most of my GBTC and wait for the 2023 lows to buy back in.

Well, that’s the perfect scenario. But how often do things work out perfectly?

I’m willing to trade in and out of Bitcoin, but with Hive I just hodl through thick and thin.

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A fall spike is likely I think and 2023 I good buy point. What I wonder is, how far back will it regress if trillions are pouring in? The "mean" is continually rising, depending on where people entered.

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That chart from PlanB suggests an entry point in the spring of 2023 but, yeah, it’s a real gamble. Retail investors may have gotten over their FOMO by then but corporate and state buyers might still be going strong. That’s why even if it spikes this fall, I won’t be selling all.


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