When Public Opinion Becomes a Weapon

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It comes to my mind that the truth is the first casualty of wars. Actually this was said in the past, when the means of deception and propaganda platforms were primitive. The only thing that frightened others, and energized a friend or ally, was delivering an enthusiastic sermon and perhaps rumors transmitted by individuals in society.

Today, with the explosion of cyber wars, and the huge budgets that countries allocate to this type of war, eliminating or killing the truth becomes much easier and replacing it or inventing an alternative truth, in other words, competition over whichever narrative prevails to explain and direct a certain event for the benefit of this or that party.

Here comes the question for the leaders of societies, and the most important one is the state/government itself through its visible and hidden solid apparatuses:What is the truth in the first place?What is more important? Is it the truth itself or what the general public is convinced of?

In today’s language we can observe that it is really possible that a video taken of an unknown person, or a clip excerpted from an interview, might fall into the social media trap and become a “trend” with people rushing to follow and comment on it, and the mentioned person will find himself obliged to take a position to justify himself to the people and this is just one example.

Here we can find why the politicians from ancient times feared the movement of the monster of people, and their goal was to keep the citizens (the public) away from being involved as an important element in politics, and afraid not to be used whether by an internal or external party. (Obviously they had futuristic vision)

Nowadays, and always we see some “populist intellectuals” rushing to flirt with the social media audience, claiming that it is biased toward the voice of simple people because they want to have them by their side!

But the hurtful truth is that these people and throughout history have stood guard against science, scientists, literature, writers, creativity, and innovators... Whoever initiated the burning, imprisonment, and persecution of scientists, inventors, and philosophers was powered by the public under the control of the guardians of backwardness, including politicians and clerics.


As an overview, it is in light of the global war between the West and the East. China, Russia and those taking their side on the one hand, and America, Europe and the parties with them on the other hand it is getting more difficult in knowing the truth it is now a very hard task, with the “tsunami” of systematic misinformation that sometimes deceives adults and those who have a spark of reason.

So what about the coming generations from teenagers and those “public”?!

It has been always that way, maybe it’s hard to change the way how the politicians, governments and decision makers are dealing with the “truth” but for sure it’s not impossible to change it.

For now the case is just:
Do not ask about the truth... the “trend” is the most important.

But the new technology and its tools from Artificial intelligence to blockchain can really help in changing this reality.

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