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Brands, love them or hate them, one thing's for sure, we all have them. Some of us go crazy over brands, even to the extreme of starting online wars or cults. The iPhone vs Android debate is an example of one of those situations that are extreme in nature for some people.

Those are usually the people that like to show off their brands to others, proudly wearing and pulling around their flashy logos. And then there are people who use brands more as an indicator of quality or trust in a product. I usually fall into that last group, I think. Most of my clothes come from budget stores for example, and my tech stuff is all based on reviews and usability balanced with low prices. That means I go for things of trustable brands that don't hurt my wallet too much.

The brand craze is a very weird thing, which I've recently seen much more up close ever since I moved to the "developed" world. To see people buy shirts that are 50 times the price of the shirts I wear, all for that logo of a glorified white check mark on it, is absolutely absurd to me. And yet it happens.



It's sometimes also the people that can afford it the least that purchase the priciest of brands. This is also absurd to me. I read somewhere that those who are not financially well off try to create the feeling and image of being financially stable with brands and big flashy things. While those who actually know that they are financially stable feel no need to do so. That theory makes sense if you think about it.

I think whether you chase after brands or not is also a matter of upbringing and education. The more logical your thought process becomes, the less logical some actions seem. This means that we need to think about our actions before we take them, instead of blindly following a general pattern everyone else is following. Don't be a sheep, in short.

There's something to say about the psychology of it all. Brands know what they are doing. It's no surprise that millions of dollars, or whatever other currency, are pumped into marketing and advertising. Subliminally we are all affected by messages shoved into our faces by big companies. And if your logical thinking is lacking, it might get you.

Whether it gets to you or not, what really matters is that you are happy with your financial decisions. Some might find pleasure in life through flashy things and brands, while others find it to be an ends to a mean. Either way, they're fine with it.
That being said, there's no real message to what I'm writing, unless you see one. But nonetheless, these were some of my thoughts on the matter.

What about you? How crazy are you about brands? And what are some other thoughts on the topic?


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This post makes me think of the "old" and "new" money divide, which is still somewhat relevant today. Maybe not as much as in the Gilded Age, but there are those who grew up without money, find the need to "belong" by purchasing flashy clothes, cars, etc., while those who grew up "rich" learned not to bring attention to themselves.

There are of course outliers and I don't have the exact numbers though. It's just what I see online 🤷‍♀.

You're right, that also plays a role. Some people might not even see expensive brands as expensive, since that's all they've known their whole lives.


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The psychology is pretty extensive in this case but one of the points I think we should definitely mention (aside form advertising and marketing) is that humans naturally want to belong to a group. We constantly seek out differences or things in common so we can decide where we belong. So brands offer us a way to say... "these are the values I want to align myself with" whether that is quality, specs, vision, design, corporate social responsibility or whatever is all up to the person that decides to 'join the group'...

True. Being apart of a group is an important part in how people make their life decisions. Not just in brands, but in every aspect of life this can be a factor. Especially when we view things like political or religious preferences. I often see people in interviews struggling with the "why" question when asked about their beliefs.
As you said, it's about belonging to and identifying with the values of a group in these cases, rather than individuality.


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Yes, there is a lot of absurdity around :)

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