Doubling the Investment to 0.2 ETH and reaching the Top 200 in dCity

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Last time I posted a dCity update, I invested 0.1 ETH. Well, now after having made some decent trades with ETH I threw in an extra 0.2 ETH from the profits. This has brought my income to around 3500 SIM, depending on the taxes of course. That means I can purchase 4 cards daily if I wanted OR receive at least 16 HIVE if the SIM price stays close to that pegged price. This is actually really good output. I can't think of any proof-of-stake coin that has better interest that dCity, plus the gamification aspect makes it more fun.


So that's what my city looks like right now. Getting more chaotic each day. Some organization filters would be nice on the right pane. Navigating through 8 pages can be tedious. I can imagine this is even worse for bigger cities. As usual I alternated the pulls between 1st and second edition and got a decent balance of everything. Homeless and immigrants are now regularly coming in and being trained into other types of citizen.

Noteworthy additions are the Law Firm and the extra Social Aid Office. No MICs again though. Seems like the chance of getting those is much lower now. Or I just have bad luck in that department.

Excited for the updates to come. I think I will invest more profits or dividend scraps as the prize pool will probably shoot up after 3rd edition.

And of course as my city size increases, so does my rank, putting me in the top 200 with an ever increasing bonus income of 0.4 HIVE. It seems much harder to stay up there at this level though. But I can manage. For now.


If you're interested in building your own dCity, hop over to and get started. Also check out the dCity discord server.

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Dcity seems cool, I bought some SIM tokens and owned some hustler.

What should I do with those?

I don't have eth.

1000 SIM and lioe 200 Hustler and I think a bunch of the smaller currency

The ETH profits were just my way to get the Hive needed for the investment.
In the game you can buy cards for 4 Hive or 800 SIM each, and then start building from there. What I did at first convert some smaller currencies I get from post and comments to SWAP.HIVE and then buying SIM.

Once your income becomes 800 SIM daily, that would mean you could buy a card each day from just the earnings from the game alone, instead of sourcing from the outside. But the extra boost always helps.


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I tried to use the enguagw command but it didn't work so I just sell those when I get them. I had ober 1000 and everything

Congrats on reaching top 200. I’m surprised to see your strategy of buying random cards. I have seen other players who primarily buy specific cards from the market.

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Thanks! After random cards I used to buy homes to even out the worker requirement, but the popularity boost mostly takes care of that now. And I also have some police stations from the market to reduce crime. Other than that I leave it all up to the RNG gods. 🙃


Nice! I have a small city with income around 120 SIM. I am trying to get some research cards but no luck yet. The city name is

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You're probably gonna want to increase the education stat for that. 1% chance to get a technology card will take a while.

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Congrats, Dcity is gaining lot of interest and players now a days.
Remaining is top will be never so easy.

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Thanks. :) True, competition is getting tougher and tougher.


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Thanks! :)
MIC is short for this card.


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I also made some additional investments in dCity recently. If dCity keeps growing and developing like this, it will do much better in the future.

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You will not regret that decision!


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